Why Is My Paint Peeling? – Painters Redlands QLD


Peeling paint




Either the wrong paint was used or a sealer was not used at all or both!

If a sealer is not used the paint will sit on the substrate surface without gaining a true adhesion. This can then cause the paint to peel often because mould has grown under it.

Rectify It:

All the loose paint now has to be scraped off.

Apply filler and sand smooth to prep wall where needed.

This would then need to be sealed with an oil based sealant. If its particularly bad we would seal & bind it which makes the paint strong again. The sealer sinks into the plaster allowing the paint to fully adhere

Now the wall is properly sealed and prepped re paint with the correct paint for the job. We use and recommend Taubmans which we buy at Bristol Paint 


If a jobs worth doing, its worth doing right