Parakeet Chinoiserie wallpaper featuring a cream backdrop with bamboo trellis and branches with birds. This is a wallpaper with the image showing 2 green fabric chairs and gold side table
Miss Lolo Parakeet Chinoiserie

2023 Interior Trends guide to the 4 best styles

New year and new beginnings. What better start to a year than having a reinvention in your home. Here we explore the top 2023 interior trends and  inspirational looks that are happening and what looks to think about fazing out from your home.

Palm Springs

Santa Monica - California

Warm tones are in, colours such as milk chocolate brown and pink terracotta clay tones.  And this will look perfect with the now trending old school glamour of Palm Springs style.

The Palm Springs style is from the Mid Century modern era. It is airy with much use of raw materials like breeze blocks, painted bricks and concrete. The interior usually starts with a white base. You can then add vibrant pops of colour like flamingo pink, citrus yellow and ocean blues. Use tropical palm wallpaper or a kitsch retro pattern feature wall.

Houzz says:  ‘Add in plenty of natural textures – plants, rattan, solid timber – and a couple of accent colours inspired by wildflowers – buttery yellow yarrow and ripening blackberries, say – and the result is strong but calm, just like its natural inspiration.”

Shop the Palm Springs 2023 interior trend:

Pick your colour palette from nature

living room wallpaper green geometric wallpaper
Moki Green Lattice

Our next pick for 2023 interior trends is to be inspired for your colour choices by nature. Think all shades of green like you are bringing the outdoors in. But that is the obvious choice as green is tipped to be the colour of choice this year and also was highly desirable in 2022. For a more nuanced feeling to your interior look at layering mushroom shades of brown and be inspired by clay and terracotta but the muted pink, earthy tones. 

All shades of grey and greige are out! Grey has had its day.

Rooms that bring in warm, neutral colours are not only in style but lend a more inviting, restful, cosy and relaxing feeling. Now that sounds good to me!

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Be Bold

Jungle wallpaper design with brightly coloured parrots and pink flowers behind a pink fabric sofa
La Vie en Belle _ Miss Lolo

Bold, tactile and vividly interesting finishes are going to be big this year. 

2023 interior trends are going to see bold patterns in the shape of big scale murals. Like those from Miss Lolo. Perfect for those dreaming of the statement feature wall. As well as large scale geometric designs in wallpaper making a long awaited comeback.

Textured walls are also here to stay. This is shown in wallpaper that looks like rough materials such as concrete, plaster and brick.

““Interior designer Rudolph Diesel expects to see more accent walls add definition and eye-catching elements to spaces in 2023.

“Opt for an accent with a unique texture or wallpaper in a similar color to the rest of the room,” said Diesel to Insider“”

Shop bold finishes:

Be individual with traditional and vintage style

large flower blue wallpaper in traditional style. Classical looking living room setting

Gone are the days of imitating a Pinterest or Instagram worthy interior. Take your own individualism and run with it. Be eclectic rather than following the pack. No falling into the confines of a space being in all one seamless style. Out with the flow of a style throughout and in with making a statement with vintage items. Or at the least not being worried about popping something you love on a shelf even though the it may be out of line with the rooms scheme.

Pull out the items you love that have been collected over time and show them off. Buy that traditional design wallpaper you have always come back to but been too worried of it being too much of a statement. 2023 interior trends are to embrace your individual taste so go for it.

Traditional, classic wallpaper or vintage wallpaper with an antique feel is going to grow in popularity this year.


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Author of this blog piece is Lucy Whiter director and part owner of I Wallpaper Interiors. I Wallpaper Interiors has been hanging and selling wallpaper for 11 years and Lee Whiter, the other company director has been installing wallpaper for 30 years. Between us there is not much we don’t know about the wallpaper industry and we are here to impart our knowledge to aid you with making great wallpaper choices.

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