Painting is critical when putting your home on the market, a buyer will see a freshly painted house as a big plus as they dont have to do it themselves. It gives a great 1st impression for the exterior to look pristine, gaining that all important street appeal.

Here are our top 5 tips for helping you add value to your home, attract buyers or just to give your home a fresh, clean and modern appeal

1) To make a small room appear larger, opt for light, glossy colours. This is to create a reflective surface for a feeling of space.




2) Put darker colours toward the bottom of the house to avoid creating a top-heavy feel.




3) Make sure the exterior paint colours you choose complement the colours of the other materials of your home, such as the roof, garage, brick or stone.





4) Don’t neglect the details such as doors and window frames. Try a bold colour on your front door such as deep red to make it stand out.




5) Choose neutral colours overall, overly bold shades can make your house stand out for all the wrong reasons.