Mid Century modern styling with geometric wallpaper

The Difference between Antique, Vintage and Retro

The terms antique, vintage and retro are often interchanged when talking about styling. But each is a uniquely different period in time. There are many schools of thought on actual timelines for each but as a guide; Antique refers to anything that is at least 100 years old. Vintage is considered to be more than 40 years old. Whereas retro is anything more than 20 and less than 40 years old.

Each of these time periods would have distinctive styles and looks. So while to some they all say old, they all come with their own character within interior design.

Retro daisy wallpaper by Rebelwalls


Retro styling is about reviving nostalgic design from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.

Often thought of as brightly coloured, psychedelic patterns. In a typical colour palette of orange, red and brown. Or conversely pastel hues.

Retro is about embracing the fun, colourful and kitsch. Think pop culture like iconic icons such as Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe. Often seen are clashing patterns and mixing eclectic furnishings. Wallpaper plays a significant role in defining the look and feel of retro style interiors. Retro style wallpaper is often translated as geometric patterns and bold flower power.

So in conclusion for Retro wallpaper in home decor; peace out and go funk it up at the disco!

Holden Decor Mid century modern wallpaper and interior design

Mid Century Modern

Mid Century modern embraces the retro era but with a modern twist and is becoming increasingly popular in home styling.

Mid-century modern design is a subset of retro interior style. It is characterized by a combination of form and function, emphasizing clean lines with a focus on practicality. These are signs of the times they were living in.

Consider using wallpaper with clean lines and a more minimalist aesthetic to capture this look.

Opt for wallpaper with sleek, angular designs and a color palette that includes earthy tones like olive green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. While mid-century modern design often incorporates neutral color palettes, it’s not uncommon to find pops of bold and vibrant colors. 

Classic Art Deco styling with High Walls wallpaper in black and gold


The biggest interior design style that would be classed as vintage is Art Deco which is a classically elegant style from the 1920’s. This style uses lots of curves and geometric patterns in the use of wallpaper. The classic black and gold colour palette oozes the glamour of the times.

Another authentic vintage wallpaper style would be a classic English style floral pattern. This would be soft and pretty with many smaller scale patterns that would be applied to whole rooms.

Vintage style traditional look wallpaper in navy with birds and flower wallpaper
Vintage Chinoiserie

Antique wallpaper style

Antique wallpaper style would generally be floral or Chinoiserie. Chinoiserie is Chinese inspired wallpaper usually of a floral scenic landscape.

Another wonderful wallpaper from the 1800’s are the classic designs from William Morris

Updated in the British Heritage collection his look was characterised by the simple forms he saw in English gardens and countryside.

Both these classical wallpaper styles have been updated and modernised. But respecting the authenticity of the atmosphere of the design.

William Morris large scale pattern wallpaper in a traditional style
William Morris

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