Custom mural of Story Bridge Brisbane in an office on a curved entry wall

Custom wallpaper design

There are literally thousands of wallpaper designs you can buy off the roll. But sometimes a custom wallpaper design is needed. Most often we see a completely unique wallpaper being made for an office whereby you can have a bespoke design that represents the company ethos, branding or home town.

Or maybe you would like something personal as a focal point in a home. You may have taken a photo yourself that you would like to use. It is like artwork with no frame that covers the whole wall!

How does designing a wallpaper work?

If you don’t have existing artwork, like a company logo, you can visit sites like Raw Pixel or Shutterstock.   There are no limitations as long as it is a high resolution image. Simply find the image you would like to use and send it to us. You do not need an account as we will purchase the image on your behalf if you so wish.

That image is then made for the exact size of your wall or walls. We use & recommend digital printers that we know use premium paper and ink. Like Fotowall.  Not all custom wallpaper is created equally and we want to know when we install your wallpaper , or when you do, it will have a premium finish. You don’t want ink on your hands instead of the wall!

Pro tips:

When choosing an image think about scale and also ensure it is the correct landscape. A vertical image or portrait will not be able to stretched to a horizontal or landscape if the wall is wider than taller.

Think about if there are any doors or windows, will a critical part of the design be lost?

Landscape custom wallpaper mural for office desk

Custom sized wallpaper

Another popular way to have a wallpaper custom fit is to choose a design that already exists and have it printed to the exact size of your wall. 

Pro tip: always add 100mm top and bottom to allow for issues like the ceiling not being level.

Where you create your own wallpaper like this we would call it a mural. And we love Rebelwalls  You can find thousands of inspirational images that can be made for any size wall.

May Meadow - Rebelwalls

Custom wallpaper ideas

The world is your oyster! You can use a photo image of anything from a cityscape to a scene in nature. You can use an illustration which is becoming more popular. Faux effects are ever popular like a brick wall or factory wall. Another trending mural style is for oversized flowers.

Bathroom vanity and mirror with bold floral wallpaper behind
Blooming Lovely
Illustrated jungle wallpaper mural
Jungle Animals

How much does it cost to make a custom wallpaper?

To have a custom wallpaper printed you are looking at around $95 -$120 per square meter as a guideline. We are happy to provide obligation free quote. Just send us the image idea and the measurements.


When you buy the image from a stock website like Shutterstock you are buying the right to use that image in a non commercial capacity.

If you are using an image that you supply you must own that photo or have the rights to use it.

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