Bespoke wallpaper has always been around but now it has become so easy to custom create your own unique wallpaper.

Traditionally this style has been used for a photo mural but thanks to sites like Raw Pixel there are no limitations. Simply purchase the Vector you like & download – speak to us for commercial use. That image is then made for the exact size of your wall/s.

We use & recommend digital printers that we know use premium paper and ink. Not all custom wallpaper is created equally, there are some that the ink comes off during installation and ones that are not traditional wallpaper but stickers which comes with its own set of pro’s & con’s. 

We prefer high quality finishes using non woven wallpaper like Mr Perswall  & Fotowall use as then we know you will be over the moon with the installation and the finished effect will be amazing.

We have many Mr Perswall murals on our website already. Should you see one you like send us the measurements of your wall and we will send you a quote. 

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