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    Gold leaf experts in Brisbane

    Add lustre to your life with genuine gold gilding in your home. Historically, this ancient technique has been used in palaces and temples, and more recently in the restoration...

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    Coming up tromps

    Tromp l’oeil is perfect for opening up small spaces and adding a touch of whimsy to homes and gardens. Tromp l’oeil dates back to Greek and Roman times, and...

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    Feeling festive?

    Wipe those tears! Beautiful flocked patterns and richly coloured wallpapers will kindle festive feeling long after the last Christmas trimming has been tidied away. As flamboyant as their designer...

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    Welcome to Wallpaper Brisbane

    We love wallpaper, and all types of wall decoration, including gold leaf, 3D moulded tiles, vinyl and fabric wall coverings, murals and decorative paint finishes. Based in Brisbane, Australia,...

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