Would you like to use Feng Shui to decide where to install wallpaper & what colour wallpaper to choose?  Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method for creating a balance of Qi energies in your surroundings. Good feng shui in your home or office produces a positive energy flow, which translates into good health and fortune. Using Feng shui  to choose your wallpaper and where to install it can create a feeling of joy and harmony in your home.

According to the Feng shui energy you need to use patterns and colours according to the room type, for example; soothing and sensual in the bedroom or active and vibrant in the office.

The north wall of a room is associated with career and success and would need water elements (except in a bedroom) to harness positive energy for your career. So hanging a wallpaper mural of a river, waterfall, ocean or fountain would be appropriate here. A goldfish is considered a lucky symbol too.

Wallpaper mural Nature range at Eurowalls




Beneficial colours to use on a north wall are blue and black. Find a black & blue wallpaper pattern that uses blue as background colour and the black as an accent colour.

Blue  black wallpaper from Eurowalls
Blue black wallpaper from Eurowalls

The east corresponds with the health and family in feng shui so find a mural of forests, nature or even create a  custom made wallpaper using your own family portraits or a holiday photo.

Purple tree wallpaper Mural at Eurowalls
Purple tree wallpaper Mural at Eurowalls

Colour is an important aspect for the east bedroom wall in order to create a soothing, calm feeling. Feng shui principles recommend colours here that remind you of skin tones, such as beige, cream, peach and cocoa. Also suitable are light blues, greens and lavenders. This gives you many wallpaper colour options.

Park Avenue wallpaper Eurowalls
Park Avenue wallpaper Eurowalls


A dragon is the most powerful symbol of feng shui. It can bring happiness and success in all spheres of your life and best hung on the east wall.

Green is the colour associated with the East direction so combining the two concepts is even better.

Dragon wallpaper by Osbourne and Little
Dragon wallpaper by Osbourne and Little
Green Dragon wallpaper by Osbourne and  Little
Green Dragon wallpaper by Osbourne and Little