Having Fun with Wallpaper

In this current serious world it is even more important than ever to inject fun and love into your life.

Bring joy into your life takes many forms. I would like to inspire you by using fun wallpaper in your home.

To me this means coming into your house into a room that makes you sigh with happiness when you enter. It means taking a room and turning into a place that makes you smile because the wallpaper you put up just makes you feel that way every time!

When friends come over they feel the joy you felt choosing that colourful, fun wallpaper too. Even if it is not their taste. Share the fun.

Turn your day into a better one because you have created a home you love to be in. Your sanctuary, whether it be a sophisticated haven or a kid filled, messy, crazy, fun space or maybe it’s a bit of both! As long as it makes you feel joy, you have achieved your result with fun wallpaper.

Rolls of Pavilion Maris in yellow
Laundry room wallpaper fun colourful Japanese style
Heron Stream

What is fun wallpaper

Fun wallpaper can mean different things to different folks. It could be a pattern with a sense of humour, something satirical. Maybe it is a colourful pattern on a big mural. Or a design which on the face looks to be one thing but on closer inspection you find hidden details.

In our wallpaper store you can choose from many eye catching wallpaper designs. For bold and bright try Miss Lolo.

How to choose fun wallpaper

Most importantly choose fun wallpaper that speaks to you. The one you cant look away from. However if you are spoilt for choice, consider the following tips:

  • Look at the scale. A larger pattern is suited to a larger wall
  • Do the colours in the wallpaper work with the colours already in the room that may not change like carpets and curtains?
  • Pick the right wall. When choosing a feature wall ensure the wallpaper is on the wall that you want the eye to be drawn to on entering. The fun wallpaper may be lost on a wall that has lots of windows to cut around for example.

Children's rooms

An obvious place to inject the fun is in childrens rooms.

Create a place for them to love to play. I still remember the confetti wallpaper I had as a little girl and the graffiti wallpaper my best friend had that I coveted!

So choose wallpaper for a kids room that they can remember when they are grown.

Fun Wallpaper for Powder Rooms

A trending area in the home to add a fun, vibrant wallpaper is in a powder room. The toilet is a small room but it is a popular place to add a quirky wallpaper as it adds something cheeky to a room where you can shut the door and it is separated from the rest of the home. So it does not matter if the wallpaper in here doesn’t match the rest of the home per say.

Green check wallpaper in powder room

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