Mr Perswall Collections

If you are looking for a Mr Perswall wallpaper mural not shown here, please let us know as we can source it for you


Whale wallpaper


Create a dream world for every Child! From fairytale designs for young children to New York and London inspired wallpapers for style conscious teenagers.

The collection ranges from playful animal patterns and fairy tale worlds to skateparks and edgy urban wallpapers.

Find wallpaper patterns as well as stunning murals, such as a photograph of the New York skyline, to cover entire walls.

The result is a diverse collection of wonderful, stimulating and unique wallpapers. 



With wallpaper from the collection Traveller by Mr Perswall, you can enjoy far away destinations and create unique rooms without leaving your home. Over its diverse, joyful themes and patterns, this collection adds vibrancy and colour to any room. Express your passion for travel and individually designed interiors with Traveller – Bon Voyage!

Captured Reality No. 2

Concrete effect wallpaper


This unique collection of wallpaper murals captures everything from the intricacy of natural stone to the delicate fragility of butterfly wings.

Through incredible photos and beautifully rendered artworks, Captured Reality No. 2 helps you appreciate natural and industrial landscapes, as never before.

Bringing even the smallest detail to the forefront, this collection is inspired by the rarely observed world around us. It complements an array of different styles and colour palettes, including grey, beige and green wallpaper. 

Bring the outside inside with Captured Reality No. 2!


Skateboard wallpaper


What makes your heart beat faster? What are you still dreaming of? This is a wallpaper collection for all of us who live for the adventure in any way, shape or form.

Each wallpaper is made to help you create a place for dreams in your home – to help you never forget the moment when life was at it’s peak, to remind you what is still out there to explore.

This is your chance to let your lifestyle take over your home and show the person you are!

Captured Reality

Concrete effect wallpaper


In this wallpaper collection Mr Perswall has captured the reality! The designs that make up the wallpapers have been captured especially for Mr Perswall, using the best camera available. This provides a fantastic resolution which means that even enormous walls can be wallpapered with perfect image results.

The wallpapers featured in Captured Reality has a wide area of application and can easily be combined with other wallpapers from Mr Perswall´s assortment. The subject has captured the exact reality – without filters!


Regardless if you are infinitely impressionable, incurably provocative or comfortably predictable, you will find your personal expression in this wallpaper collection. Fashion is a closet full of wallpaper murals that makes sure your walls show who you are.
Take a look, try them out and choose a style that brings your personal character to the rooms in your home. We promise a perfect fit, superior quality and walls that suits you.