If you are looking for an effective noise insulation product for a domestic soundproofing solution Latex sound proof lining paper is a great option. A sound proof wall liner deadens sound, particularly those noises in the lower frequency ranges. It stops noise from entering the room, shielding you from irritating sound pollution such as noisy neighbours, traffic noise or the blare of aircraft overhead.
It is made from technologically advanced latex foam and laminated to a thick lining paper. The Latex structure acts like a sponge, reducing echo and deadening noise.
Go Wallpaper Uk says:
Helping to reduce unwanted noises by as much as –
30% Reduction at 1000 Hz – Talking
60% Reduction at 2000 Hz – TV’s / Radios
75% Reduction at 3000 Hz – Vacuum Cleaners, Lorries on the Road
If in contrast you want to stop sound escaping from a particularly noisy area, such as a teenagers bedroom, cinema room or a music studio you can use a Polyurethane foam sound insulation lining paper.
These products are easy to install, ideal as a DIY project if you are redecorating. You can paint or wallpaper directly on top of these products and can be applied to walls and/or ceilings. If painting you will achieve a rough textured finish due to the latex surface.
If you are planning to hang lining paper or wallpaper on top of Latex Sound Proof Wall Liner, it is strongly recommended that you use a non-woven lining paper. Lining paper shrinks and expands when pasted and can cause lifting on the joints In contrast; non-woven lining paper is dimensionally stable and ensures a perfect finish.
Also using Vinyl Wallpapers over Latex Sound Proofing reflects sound and cancels out any noise insulation benefits