Painting Projects

We work on all residential painting, commercial painting, interior and exterior painting. For more information please email us at or call 0458 019 363

New Homes

Newly build homes constructed and ready for its first paint job. New development are appearing everywhere around Brisbane and we carry out painting for either the building contractor who has built the home or for its new owner.


Restored Homes

Older style houses like Queenslanders and workers cottages that are being restored or refreshed. This includes listed buildings where everything has to be kept looking original so paint colours have to the genuine colour match.


Rented Homes

Homes that are being made ready for  the rental market. Typically painted white or neutral.


Insurance work

Homes or businesses where work is  being carried out through an insurance company. This is typically storm or fire repairs.



Our Specialty; repaints. This is work being done to an existing house such as; painting an extension or loft conversion and exterior painting to a house that has been raised. Many homes are being modernised now mainly by knocking down walls to make open plan living and to let in more light. Extensions are popular to accommodate  growing or extended family living. It is often more practical and cost effective to extend rather than move.


Commercial Spaces

Offices, shops,  surgeries, salons, show rooms, store fronts. Any size commercial space that needs painting, this could be newly constructed premises or the annual maintenance.