WoodWall™ by the Elton Group is a real timber wallpaper. If you were to combine the beauty of real wood with an environmentally friendly, easy to install, versatile product you end up with this cutting edge veneer technology.

WoodWall™  is a pre-finished timber panelling system that can be applied like wallpaper using a professional grade wallpaper paste with none of the drilling, sawing or hammering of a traditional timber panel installation.

This revolutionary product is flexible enough for application to curved surfaces and can even have your logos, text or images digitally printed on to it. You could wrap around metal sections to create timber beams.

Suitable for residential and commercial projects, you can achieve a timber finish to your walls but for less than half the cost of a traditional veneered panelling. I Wallpaper Interiors can install it to your home, office, boat or even a plane interior!

This genius product is Group 1 fire rated, biodegradable, emits low VOCs, is made from rapidly renewable material and uses less waste because it slices thinner layers, more of the log is used.

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