Best of 2015

Here are a few of my highlights from 2015 showcasing some of the outstanding, fun, diverse wallpaper we install. Lee astounded me with how talented he is to hang this wallpaper around numerous beams. It was at Pacific Fair Gold Coast for Schnitz. They have this custom made wallpaper installed to all their outlets. Lee managed to […]

Off The Wall!!

Imagine a wallcovering integrated with hundreds of LED lights.  What a spectacular interior design! Ingo Maurer was the 1st designer to unveil this glowing wallpaper. He joined forces with the company Architects Paper to develop this geometric LED Wallpaper. It can change its colours from white to blue to red, and you can choose the […]

Bathroom Wallpaper

Wallpaper in a bathroom? Yes, yes ,yes!!! It may look like raw silk or grasscloth but it is actually a vinyl wallpaper, wash resistant, suitable for wet rooms. The practical day-to-day advantages of vinyl wallpaper are obvious: they are washable, light-resistant, splash-proof and extremely durable, which makes them the ideal candidate for frequently used rooms […]

Geometric Wallpaper

  Get modern with geometric wallpaper. Reinvent this classy luxury look conveying looks from the 20’s to the 70’s. Think Gatsby or in vogue retro designs in a sophisticated style. Geometric appreciates and showcases the chic style of simple lines and shapes. Use abstract and uncomplicated forms in bold colours. Wallcoverings come in playful geometric […]