7 tips for getting 50 years out of your wallpaper

Black and gold art deco wallpaper in bedroom

How long does wallpaper last? If you are planning a renovation or upgrading your interior design you may be asking; what lasts longer wallpaper or paint? A well hung and well chosen wallpaper will outlast paint every time. Wallpaper can last up to 50 years! Just look at old heritage houses that still have wallpaper […]

Bathroom Wallpaper

Wallpaper in a bathroom? Yes, yes ,yes!!! It may look like raw silk or grasscloth but it is actually a vinyl wallpaper, wash resistant, suitable for wet rooms. The practical day-to-day advantages of vinyl wallpaper are obvious: they are washable, light-resistant, splash-proof and extremely durable, which makes them the ideal candidate for frequently used rooms […]