Home Cinema Room -Wallpaper Installed

Cinema room - 3d black wallpaper

Highly recommend Lee and Lucy for their promptness, professionalism and workmanship on our recent wallpaper install. From first contact to final completion our experience was overwhelmingly positive. I will definitely be using their services again in the future. Fran Cannon Hill Great service, Lucy was amazing to deal with. Made things easy and efficient. Wallpaper […]

5 of the best wallpapers for the entrance of your home

Arrive and depart with style. Open the front door to all the wallpapering possibilities. Captivate and entrance. Access your inner panache and enter the world of wallpaper (through the front door!) Make the entry to your home something to admire as you pass through. Here are 5 of the best entries we have installed.   […]

How much does wallpaper installation cost?

The cost of hanging your wallpaper depends on a few factors; Is it for your home or a commercial premises? What type of wallpaper is it? E.g. a fabric or glass beaded wallpaper would be trickier and so take longer to install. Where is it to be hung? If there is a lot to cut […]

5 Reasons to do a feature wall with wallpaper

1.Let your personality shine with a feature wall- are you sophisticated, fun or all about the bling? 2.You can manipulate spaces with visual tricks such as a metallic print to reflect light where there is little or horizontal stripes to create an impression of length 3.Wallpaper can disguise an old wall’s imperfections   4.Wallpaper can […]

Black Wallpaper

Sophisticated, moody, elegant; black wallpaper will definitely create an ambience. Many black wallpapers have a metallic finish or silver highlight to them for that extra touch of glamour. Think glass beaded wallpaper; very current, very opulent. The most popular types of black wallpaper that we install regularly are a classic flock design and brick or concrete […]