Thibaut Collections

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dining room French provincial style wallpaper mural


Heritage is a sophisticated collection with an elegant spin on traditional—inspired by documents with European influence.

The fabrics and wallcoverings in this collection celebrate highlights of past eras and timeless style, and have been designed in a soft and rich color palette.

Modern Resource

Chic Interiors green Noam Modern Resource


Modern Resource features contemporary designs that create mood and atmosphere.

Linear yet organic, these designs include textural components and crisp graphics that radiate an impression of sophistication and style.

This collection embodies endless inspiration for chic interiors.

Geometric Resource

Etosha Zebra print wallpaper in beige


Thibaut introduces Geometric Resource, a dynamic tool filled with unified designs of shape and movement.

Hip geometrics, traditional trellis and simple small prints are paired with subtle and bold color combinations, making decorating with wallpaper easy and fun.



Surface Resource

blue small herringbone pattern wallpaper


Surface texture makes a lasting impression, especially on the walls of your home.

From subtle textures that add gentle style, to bold patterns for dramatic dimension, this collection of wallcoverings is a next-level resource for inspiring spaces.

Modern, luxe and stylish—these simple yet refined designs walk the line of chic sophistication.


Palm tree wallpaper


Escape to Tropics, a collection of modern and tropical designs packed with bold and natural colors inspired from the sea to the sky.

Lush, leafy fronds and watercolor strokes paired with radiating suzani and ikat shapes—these coordinating wallpaper and fabric patterns are filled with light.

Faux Resource

Haywood wood grain effect wallpaper


Faux Resource is a collection of wallcoverings that are realistic interpretations of patterns like snake skin, grasscloth, marble, and cork.

This alluring assortment of impressive faux textures and versatile surfaces are perfect to mix and match or use on their own.

Varying print techniques and functional color combinations add dimension and visual interest beyond the first impression.