To work out how many rolls of wallpaper you need to buy you can try this wallpaper calculator tool.

You will just need to input the width and height of your wall.

Tip: If it is the whole room add all the wall widths together. As long as the walls are joined the pattern will continue on around the room.

The roll size and pattern repeat can be found on the product page under product description. Every wallpaper has a different size and pattern repeat or no pattern repeat at all. This makes it super important to have this information handy.

For further help working out the amount of wallpaper you need read here

Wallpaper Calculator

Wallpaper Calculator

You will need 0 rolls of wallpaper.

This calculator is a guide only.

I Wallpaper Interiors do not take responsibility for over or under ordering based on the calculator results.

For example it does not take into consideration doors and windows.

If you are unsure how much to order you can check with your interior designer or email us

Lee installing wallpaper mural in panels


To double check your wallpaper quantities which is always best practice. You can also work out how many rolls for your wall manually.

So all you need is; a measuring tape and the details of the wallpaper you have chosen.

Once you have measured the width and height of the wall what you are going to do is work out how many drops of wallpaper you need to cover your  wall and how many drops you can get off your chosen roll. See below case study to better explain:

Wall is: 5m wide by 2.4 high

Roll is: 52cm wide by 10m long

52cm goes into 5 = 10 times (10 drops needed across the wall length)

10 divided by 2.4 = 4.1 (rounded to 4 drops in a roll)

10 divided by 4 = 2.5

Rounded up to 3 rolls to order

tropical palm tree wallpaper

Doors, windows etc.

If your wallpaper has a pattern, like in the image above, you will need to ignore the door (or window) opening. This is because the pattern will need to seamlessly carry on over the opening. The wallpaper that is cut away for the opening is classed as wastage. If you do not allow for this you may run out of wallpaper.

If your wallpaper doesn’t have a pattern repeat like the example below. You may be able to use offcuts off the roll for a small panel above a door or window. But you will need to check there will be offcuts available. For example if your ceiling height, or drop, is 2.5 metres and the roll size is 10 metres you will not have any offcuts as you will use exactly 4 drops, using all the available wallpaper on the roll.


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