What is a wallpaper hub anyway?

You will find everything wallpaper related in this wallpaper hub. So whether you are looking at; how to wallpaper information, unique ideas on using wallpaper or simply seeking inspiration for your home interior, you will find it here.

We hope you will enjoy this curation and culmination of our teams specialist knowledge. Being wallpaper specialists we want to share our 30 years of wallpapering experience and knowledge to ensure you get the best out of your wall paper choices.

Also incase you are wondering; all our content is written by a human! No AI generic content. 

Wallpaper Hub - Help

Read articles on wallpapering help topics such as; how to wallpaper, mistakes to avoid and ways to choose your personal wallpaper style.

So whether you are a wallpapering beginner or looking for an answer to questions like; can i wallpaper wardrobe doors or over existing wallpaper, we are here with all the answers.

pile of Wallpaper rolls green and white

Wallpaper Hub - Styles

Wallpaper comes in every style imaginable with a design type to suit every interior.

So if you want some inspiration on using wallpaper in a particular style, room or technique; read these blog articles for all the wallpapering help & ideas you will need.

Green wallpaper by Casamance in sitting room

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I Wallpaper Interiors were really great from start to finish. Lucy was very easy to contact with prompt communication and scheduling, She managed to book us in such a tight timeframe. The installer was great, easy to deal with on site and nothing was a problem. Our clients are over the moon with the finished result. Thank you!
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Red Hill

Wallpaper Hub - Ideas

Do you love the idea of adding wallpaper to your home or business but need inspiration?  We are full of wallpapering help & clever ideas. Here you will find trends and tips for using wallpaper well.

So whether you want to know what wallpaper to use on a ceiling or what wallpaper goes with green walls we have all the inspiration you need.

Lee installing wallpaper mural in panels

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Designers Guild

We hope this wallpaper hub was helpful. 

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