So we are always being asked what wallpaper to buy and whether a certain one “is any good” So i thought a regular review of popular wallpaper choices might be a good idea.

Is expensive the best?

What application method works best?

Which supplier to buy from?


All this and more i hope to answer!

So 1st up a very popular design choice and a completely on trend colourway: Navy geometric prints.

1st up: Thibauts Chestnut Hill collection – Benedetto in Navy


$279.99 per roll from Natty & Polly

Afterpay available

Blurb: Thibaut Wallpaper Benedetto design is an interlocking chain pattern that is geometric with a nice traditional aesthetic.
This design is printed on a very subtly ground textured wallpaper.

Properties: Strippable, washable, unpasted, pre trimmed, paste the paper, Roll Size: 8.23m X 69cm / Pattern repeat: 34.3cm

What this all means: traditional method of installation: pasting the paper takes a bit longer to install. Easy removal later on & can be lightly wiped with damp cloth. Pre trimmed means it doesnt have to be table cut on installation (takes less time as pre done)

Is it any good?: Thibaut is an excellent quality wallpaper which is fantastic to install and worth the money. It comes in a slightly wider than normal roll which is easier for a professional to install and means you get get more coverage from a roll.


Cole & Sons – Hicks Hexagon




$250 per roll from Murrays Interiors


Blurb: Hicks Hexagon new and contemporary styling has a sophisticated small-scale geometric hexagon wallpaper and has become a design classic for Cole & Sons.

Properties: Paste the paper, spongable Width & Height 53 cm x 10.05 m Pattern Match: Straight. Repeat: 10 cm

What this all means: Able to gently wipe clean. Standard size rolls. On a standard height (2.4) wall you will generally get 3 drops from the roll.

Is it any good? This is firm favourite. An excellent quality, great to hang. Cole and Sons have been around for a very long time and have certainly perfected their wallpaper. Great value for money.



Graham & Brown Prism Navy & Gold wallpaper




$130 per roll from Graham & Brown


Blurb: Sleek, elegant and modern, Archetype Prism, inspired by mid-century décor, features a delicate geometric mixed with an on trend palette to create a fresh feel to a popular mid-20th century style.

Properties: Paste the Wall, non woven,  straight match. Roll length 52 x 10 pattern repeat 53cm

What this all means: Modern easy application, easy removal, standard rolls sizes

Is this any good?: G&B is a good wallpaper in the mid-low price range. Not this particular style but many others by this brand are stocked in Bunnings which means you can buy off the shelf with no waiting for delivery. Great for those who dont want to wait! Always check the batch numbers though. The wallpaper batches may be mixed up on the shelf & it is important to have the same batch number on each roll as there can be a variation in colour or pattern if from a different batch.


Kids By Krauskopf The Cube





Sold at $55 per M2  put on a par with how many M2 you get from a standard size roll (52 x 10) it would equate to around $190 a roll  Kids By Krauskopf

Blurb: Removable Cube wallpaper by Kids By Krauskopf creates a stunning wall in any room. Choose your own colours from the exclusive Colour Chart. A Landlord friendly, fabric wallpaper with an adhesive on the back for a simple peel-and-stick application for walls.

Properties: Self adhesive, One panel of removable wallpaper is 65cm wide by the height you select

What this all means: Very simply this is bought in panels of huge stickers with the adhesive already applied, just damp it down to stick.

Is this any good?: If your’re not experienced in installing this you could easily end up with bubbles or creases. If it can easily be removed without any damage to the paint on the wall, this tells me the adhesive may not strong so wont last well. From an installers perspective if we dont apply our own professional grade paste we can not guarantee the installation. Its also fairly expensive in comparison to some well made,stand the test of time, traditional wallpapers. On the plus side if your renting its a great option as its so easily removable, you can choose your own colourways. Another great thing is it can also be stuck to other surfaces that wallpaper cannot such as a laminate.


In conclusion: In most cases you get what you pay for. On the whole the expensive end of the wallpaper market is usually premium quality and great to install. There are exceptions to this rule. There are a couple of brands that are well known and you are really paying for the brand not the quality. In fact they are not good at all. I suggest reading some reviews before buying or asking an installer.

There are some great wallpapers in the mid-low range but do your research on what you are buying. If you are investing in something you want to love for a long time then its worth getting the best you can afford.

In our opinion self adhesive is a new wave of wallpapering but just because it seems simpler doesnt make it so.