Traditional wallpaper brings to mind a sophisticated interior design style. Well suited to heritage style homes. A traditional wallpaper style can be interpreted in many ways, think damask, plaid, stripes etc.

Working with the architecture or period of your home is best practice here. So researching the original elements in your home that match the style or decade of the building is a good place to start.

The use of a timeless design such as a damask wallpaper is perfect for this classic style. And is often seen in many style homes, period or not.  Some damask wallpapers have a lovely modern twist now such as modern colours that would not have actually been available at the time. 

A modern trend that is a resurgence of a traditional classic is tartan. Taking inspiration from ancestral Scottish kilt designs, no style comes more steeped in tradition than plaid.

Whatever overall look you are headed for, we have just the right traditional wallpaper for you. So whether you would like to see the ever popular striped wallpaper, paisley designs or English Heritage style the choice is yours!

Traditional wallpaper ideas

Heritage or a traditional style may mean to you a historical Japanese wallpaper. It may be a timeless stripe. Or a mural with a long established theme such as an English country garden. Have you thought about how many geometric wallpapers have a distinctly time honored design that pays homage to a bygone era.

However you like your classic style to look, be inspired by past customs, and ancestral roots. This works especially well if they suit the architectural style of your home.

So whether you are looking for a perfect wallpaper for above VJ panels in a hall, a floral theme for a powder room or a classic yet modern stripe wallpaper for a bedroom we have the wallpaper style for you.

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