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Wallcoverings and Decorative Painting Services

IWI are able to complete all your painting, decorating, wallpaper installation and minor plastering work  so now there is no need to have to co-ordinate several companies on your job,

Below are examples of wallpapering hanging and painting services we can complete. We hope it inspires your home design. For further creative room ideas see wallpaper news. For testimonials on projects we have completed recently, look to the bottom of the homepage.

Wallcoverings, fabrics and murals

We are specialists in hanging wallpaper around Brisbane and continually update our skills as technology creates new products. There is a huge variety of wallpaper available, ranging from digitally printed murals to Glamstone tiles to wood veneers,  vinyl wallpaper and all in a selection of materials and colours. Your wallpaper choices are endless! See wallpaper types for in depth descriptions of your wallpaper options.


Extensive industry experience means we can complete all your painting requirements. We will do interior and exterior house painting. All smaller commercial projects such as offices, restaurants etc. We have a small dedicated team who can assist with paint colour choices using only the best professional paint products to give a superior durable finish. See Types of Painting Services for more information


Faux marbling

Dating back to ancient Pompeii and perfected in Europe during the Renaissance, faux marbling can be added to walls and architectural features, including fireplaces and columns. In the correct setting this will look superb. Update faded or old fashioned colours on existing marbled surfaces.


Original artwork

Our artists, trained in Australia and Korea, paint original artworks including tromp l’oeil and custom street art. Tromp l’oeil is an optical illusion, a hand painted visual that appears three-dimensional.The illusion of tromp l’oeil opens up small spaces and can add a romantic touch to home and garden walls or a highly contempory visual depending on how you choose to use it. Street art contemporises rooms and is often used as a graffiti deterrent in public spaces.


Decorative Painting

Get innovative with painting techniques. We could paint stripes in many designs directly to the wall, as well as techniques such as rag rolling and the use of modern textured paints like suede and concrete look finishes see Porter Paints. Great to use as an interesting alternative to wallpaper or for a creative look in a kids room.


Venetian Plastering

Achieve a rock hard, high shine surface finish in many colours and looks such as concrete or bronze. This is a great waterproof versatile option that withstands the test of time.


Wallpaper removal

Let us help you with removing old wallpaper and re-finish your walls either with a new wallpaper or a painted finish. For tips on removing your own wallpaper see FAQ


on 0458 019363 or to discuss your project