24 Photo from http://www.home-designing.com/2010/11/fairy-tale-cottages


This totally blows my mind… My husband, British born painter and decorator of 27 years, his surname is Whiter.

With some light research it turns out the surname Whiter is an old English occupational surname for a decorator, but more specifically, one employed to apply whitewash to the walls of buildings.

So Lee’s early medieval ancestors were also painters!  His name not only his occupation but his heritage!

The actual meaning of Whiter: To make white. The keep of the Tower of London was known as the “White Tower,” because it was whitewashed.

Tower of London, Traitors Gate Photo by Viki Male


And it doesn’t even end there! Lee’s great grandfather on his dads side was also a painter.

Even his grandfather on his mum’s side was a decorator. He applied cornicing in historical homes in the UK.

Some things are just meant to be.