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Wallpapering tips on removal, our wallpapering process, returns policy, how much wallpaper to order, wallpaper hanging costs and more.

Yes. We can supply wallpaper that is on our online shop, there may be wallpaper that we can source for you from our supplier contacts if you cant find it in our shop.

We will also install any wallpaper even if you bought it elsewhere.

We can bring some sample books to you to view in your own home.

We charge by the square meter in most cases. However every project is different so in order to work out the meterage rate there are details such as if there is much to cut around like in bathroom or if its to be installed on a staircase that make a difference to the standard price.

As well as the type of wallpaper being installed as some take longer or are trickier to install.

(see below: what information we need  in order to send you a quote)

If there is masonry on the walls it is best to use a steamer. If on plasterboard do not use a steamer as you could damage the plasterboard.

Without a steamer, the best way is using warm water with detergent. Use a bucket and roller to cover wallpaper. Leave for a few minutes then repeat. Use a heavy duty window scraper to scrape away paper. Ideally you want to take off the top layer first if there are multiple layers.

If it is proving hard to remove; score the paper with a knife to let water in which helps it soak it through.

Ensure you are removing the backing paper as well as the top layer.

Once removed wash away any glue residue.

There are a few times we may need to look at the work before we start:

-If it is a large scale project

-If there is some preparation work to be done before wallpapering such as existing wallpaper removal

-If there is an unusual layout for wallpapering i.e. many angles or a staircase

Otherwise we can quote based on the information we gather from you on the form or phone

– Measurements of area or plans including ceiling height

– Types of wallpaper you have chosen ie. name/brand/code

– Is the wallpaper going on a flush wall or is there much to cut around ie. a toilet

-Is it for your home or a commercial project

-The only items we ask you to move are small, fragile, breakable items, as well as taking down any tv’s or shelves (if possible) ready for wallpaper.

-If you can move large furniture to create space if needed that is great  if not we can help on arrival

-We always leave your home tidy, clean and how we found it.

As professionals we will ensure that the surfaces are suitable before wallpapering.

-Standard prep included is to give the surface a basic sand to smooth and if there are any pin holes we can fill them.

-New surfaces must be sealed a minimum of 12 hours prior to installation with one coat of a water based paint or undercoat not allowed for in quote unless specified

-If plaster work needs to be done to walls we can complete this but need to know beforehand so this additional work can be included in your quote and allowed for timewise.

Not usually. If your project is large scale and is over a certain amount we would require a 10% deposit. We would always notify you of this prior to starting.

Sometimes a part payment is also required part way through the work if it is an ongoing project that lasts longer than 2 weeks or is broken up into stages.

If your quote includes wallpaper supply this does need to be paid in full before your wallpaper will be ordered.

Yes. We are fully insured with public liability covering up to $10 million, work cover, and our QBCC licence number is 15002062

We have removed wallpaper that has been up for 20 years or more!

It does depend on what wallpaper you have for example a peel and stick wallpaper may not last as well.

We use a professional, commercial grade wallpaper adhesive on all our installs. We guarantee our work when using this. It is a strippable adhesive so when the time comes for removal it is easy.

No. We take pride in being honest tradies!

Any extras or unexpected things that come up we will inform you of prior to starting or as soon as we are made aware of them and will work with you or advise you of the best course of action for you.

No refunds are issued for over ordering or a change of mind.

If there is a faulty product you must let us know within 7 days of receiving the product. A fault is a defect during manufacturing. If this is the case the product must be returned to us. It can not be returned if any alteration has been made to it by way of cutting or making up.

For further information please see terms & conditions

To measure a wall for wallpaper: Measure wall from end to end and ceiling to floor. Check the wallpaper properties to see what size the roll is and whether there is a pattern repeat. Work out how many drops you will get from the roll length. Example: wall is 3m wide x 2.4m high and roll is 52cm x 10m – you need 6 drops and each roll will yield 4 drops so you need to order 2 rolls.

We can be of assistance if you want to check with us by sending your wall measurements however the onus of responsibility is upon you to correctly assess the quantity of your order at the time of payment

Wallpaper batch means it is printed using the same dyelot, machine or inks. If your wallpaper is not from the same batch there may be a variation in colour or pattern. It is important to have wallpaper that is hung together from the same batch to avoid a possible mismatch.

You will find the batch number with the other roll information on each roll.

If you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to call or email your question, we are happy to help.

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