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Wallpaper Tips

Choosing the right wallpaper for your room may seem too hard. There are so many wallpaper choices how can you know you are making the right one?!

Well no need to worry the wallpapering experts have your back. We are ready to impart our knowledge and expertise to help you make sound decisions like a boss.

Use these 3 easy, instantly actionable wallpaper tips to pick out your next wallpaper for your walls. w

1 - Look at the room as a whole

A common mistake when choosing wallpaper is just picking a design because you love it and not thinking about how it will work in the space you have picked.

Tip 1 then is look at the dimensions of the space.

If there is a lot to cut around for example a hallway with many doorways, don’t choose a design with a large pattern. The full extent of the design may not be shown to its best potential in this scenario. You may end up cutting out the best parts of the pattern.

Conversely tiny patterns can get lost on a large wall. 

2 - Consider what atmosphere you want to create

What story do you want your room to tell?

Calm, dramatic, playful or sophisticated?

What style is the architecture of your home?

This will help narrow down design choices dramatically. 

Tip 2 therefore is definitely to ensure the aesthetic fits with the overall style. Consider; you have a bright and airy coastal style home. A black wallpaper with a bold geometric pattern may not fit with the vibe of the home as a whole.

3 - Work with the rest of your decor

    Wallpaper should compliment the rest of your space in design and colour.

    Look at the furnishings that aren’t going to change such as flooring, curtains or perhaps a main piece of furniture like the sofa. Match the style and main colours in the wallpaper to these aspects to ensure there is a good cohesion in the room.

    Tip 3; think on the style of home or architectural period of the house and what would work well with that and the general interior design scheme.

    In Conclusion

    To help you narrow down the choices look holisticly at the space. I hope these wallpaper tips have helped.

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