Wallpaper removal, a job that can be very easy or very hard. Until you start removing the paper you just dont know how long it will take to remove. Modern paste the wall wallpapers are now usually strippable and we use a professioanl strippable paste. If this is the case then happy days! If the wallpaper has been on for a really long time and you have no idea what adhesive was used then your patience may be tried.

Here are our tips on removing any wallpaper.

If there is masonry on the walls it is best to use a steamer. If on plasterboard do not use a steamer as you could damage the plasterboard.

Without a steamer, the best way is using warm water with detergent. Use a bucket and roller to cover wallpaper. Leave for a few minutes then repeat. Use a heavy duty window scraper to scrape away paper. Ideally you want to take off the top layer first if there are multiple layers, going layer by layer.

If it is proving hard to remove; score the paper with a knife to let water in which helps it soak it through.

For stubborn to remove wallpaper, there is a product called Zinsser Dif that can be bought from Bristol Paints or Bunnings.  Put this concentrate in a garden spray bottle with hot water. Spray the wall twice, let it soak through then remove with scraper.

If you cannot stand the thought of trying this yourself give us a call on 0458019363 or email: info@iwallpaperinteriors.com

Once the wallpaper is off then comes the preparation of the wall. If any damage was incurred during removal some plaster repairs may be necessary.

If new wallpaper is being installed a sealer coat is needed before we install. Or a fresh paint. Either way we are happy to give you a quote