Are you in the dark about wallpapering?  You’re not alone. Here are 5 helpful tips to help you get the best result when you want to install wallpaper


1) New walls require sealing prior to hanging wallpaper. New walls are bare plasterboard with no paint on. One coat of anything that isn’t a gloss or oil based paint is suitable. We would use a water based undercoat. Remember no one will see it so it doesn’t have to be a great job as long as wall is completely covered. This then needs to cure for a minimum of 12 hours before hanging wallpaper otherwise you run the risk of the wallpaper and the paint peeling straight back off the wall!

2) We advise not to wallpaper over existing wallpaper as it makes it super hard to remove later and will not give you a great result if previous joins show through.

3) During renovations it is advised to leave wallpapering until last or before carpets, but after any electricians, carpenters, painters etc.  You most likely will have spent lots of money on a great wallpaper, don’t blow it by hanging it too early and have other trades accidentally knock it or dirty it.

4) Most feature wallpapers will look great with bright white trims. So don’t neglect to finish off with these little painted touches and fresh ceiling paint. Look at the bigger picture.

5) If there is any damp present this needs to be treated prior to installing otherwise the wallpaper will grow mould and just peel off. To treat the walls seal if slight damp is present with antimould paint. If a serious damp issue is present a builder will have to apply damp course.


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