living room inspiration black floral wallpaper

Black wallpaper is the epitome color to represent luxury and elegance. It creates a dramatic backdrop to any room. It instantly draws the eye. So if it is a statement you’d like to make then black wallpaper is for your home.

Many people shy away from using black wallpaper as they are worried it will close in a room. However this is a misconception. The dark background actually recedes creating depth to a room and can actually make it appear bigger. This especially works when using a black wallpaper as a feature wall. This look is also timeless and classic.

There are so many interior styles that can benefit and work beautifully with a black wallpaper lets take a look….

art deco geometric black wallpaper

Old School Hollywood Glamour

Nothing screams glamour more than old school 1920’s Hollywood. Art Deco is the perfect style for that classic dark opulent look. Combine black with the time honoured gold for your roaring 1920’s vibe. Or keep it more sutble art deco with a geometric design that has an art deco flair or a take on a feathered fan.

However you embrace black Art Deco wallpaper it will certainly take your interior to a luxurious level. 

Art Deco black wallpaper
Catherine Martin

Industrial Black Wallpaper

Black wallpaper Burnt Wood by NLXL faux timber effect
Burnt Wood

To keep it contemporary black wallpaper fits perfectly in an industrial setting. 

For an industrial home you are a lover of metals, timbers, concrete. Basically raw materials you might find in an old warehouse or factory.

Some ideas for an industrial home might be a timber look wallpaper. This would be a stunning feature as would a carbon concrete effect wallpaper. These create an edgy or rustic design style that is timeless.


black pink and orange floral rose wallpaper

The classic floral wallpaper can be so versatile. By adding a black background it transforms a soft pretty design into a pretty design that pops off the wall!

The dark background will make the colours on petals and leaves really stand out bringing the colour to the forefront rather than the black being the focal point. The blacks job here is to create contrast.

The floral with a black background can be used in so many home styles that the world is really your oyster here. Find the design you love and go for it! There is no room for twee stereotypical florals here. This modern take is eye catching, exciting and dramatic.

Modern exotic floral wallpaper by House of Hackney - Black wallpaper with vintage flower pattern - Artemis

A Statement Mural

mural of trees at night

A mural is a wallpaper that is custom fit to the size of your wall. Generally a mural feature wall is designed to make an impact. But using a dark mural creates a distinctly dramatic backdrop. And a great talking point. Its like hanging an artwork that covers the entire wall.

Unpatterned Black Wallpaper

Luxury black cork wallpaper

If patterns aren’t your thing there are many unpatterned black wallpaper designs to consider.

These wallpapers could come in many forms. There are vinyl wallpapers that look like a fabric. There are cork wallpapers for a very expensive modern look. Grasscloths and other natural fibres come in dark, carbon colours. All of these options have little in the way of pattern and more of a texture or appearance of texture. Either way they exude a definite air of moody luxury.

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