Longest ever ceiling wallpaper installation

An amazing wallpaper installation our team hung was some commercial wallpaper to the ceiling coffers at East Leagues Club. The non-woven metallic gold wallpaper was noteworthy because it was hung in one continuous roll. The full length was 28 metres long! That’s 92 feet!

Gold ceiling wallpaper in a commercial club
Gold wallpaper installed to a ceiling coffer in a restaurant

To put that size and scale into perspective here are some same size comparisons which will blow your mind!

28 metres is also the length of a standard FIBA basketball court

The English yew evergreen tree grows as high as 28 metres

Christ the Redeemer, the famous statue in Rio, has an arm span of 28 metres

And nearly but not quite as long as a blue whale, the largest animal on earth which is 33 metres


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More Amazing Wallpaper installation on ceilings

Carina Leagues Club

ceiling acoustic wallpaper feature

This circular ceiling feature in Carina Leagues club was also an amazing wallpaper installation. As well as being circular it was also domed. Definitely not an install someone with less experience can acheive. This took many hands on deck to hang. It is a heavy acoustic wallcovering over the restaurant. And the photo really doesn’t do it justice.

penthouse wallpapers to ceiling and walls

Penthouse wallpaper

This penthouse in Cleveland was featured on 9 news for being too hard to price. We personally believe it was the amazing wallpaper installation that drove up the price!

As well as the gold wallpaper and the blue patterned wallpaper in the background wall, you can see the gold metallic wallpaper on the ceiling. This was an Analglypta wallpaper in the nightclub bar area of this stunning home. The wallpaper was then painted gold to match the fancy beams.

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