Borastapeter Collections

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Eastern Simplicity


The harmonious handmade patterns of traditional Asian artwork are married with modern Scandinavian wallpaper craftmanship.

Find your place to unwind with the timeless Eastern Simplicity collection.

Featuring elegant trees and delicate bamboo leaves, magical murals and more


Forest animal wallpaper mural


The Newbie collection is designed to create the most magical of worlds where young minds can be inspired and find calm.

Discover enchanted woodland forests, pirate-infested lagoons and rose-filled summer gardens across 32 stunning wallpaper designs.

Dreamy illustrations and a luxurious feel add warmth and cosiness to rooms. Browse the Newbie collection and find the perfect wallpaper for your child’s bedroom, nursery, or play area.

The Apartment

Retro shapes wallpaper


Drawing upon a long tradition of craftmanship and love of pattern while taking a sharp, bold look forward. We often find inspiration in the cutting egde of design, architecture and interiors.

This collection is ideal for anyone who passionately seeks out the perfect detail to lift a room, home or space where everyone is welcome.

With a modern twist on 1970’s and 80’s glamour, The Apartment brings to mind New York discos, the luxury of Miami and gorgeous Venetian facades. Add a laid back yet classy style to the walls of your home.

Falsterbo III


Among the collection’s intricately designed wallpapers, flowers, greenery and the Swedish summer are delicately captured.

Beloved classics from the extensive archive are refreshed with mid-tone and muted colours, while fresh inspiration is found from the natural world, in forests and meadows, as well as the world of textiles.


Everyday Moments


In this collection you will find a rich variety of colours and surfaces from soft, textile patterns to neat floral lines and vintage wooden panels.

Inspired by nature, craftsmanship and the simple beauty we’re surrounded by every day.