Casamance Collections

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Le Velours

wallpaper samples


This “Casamance Essentiels” collection gives the illusion of being an actual fabric stretched on the walls.

It dresses interiors with a velvety softness and creates a delightful atmosphere.

Exquisite blends of colours, the sophistication of the pattern and the textile sensation are invitations to refinement.


middle eastern wallpaper


In Marrakech, the Yves Saint Laurent museum is an architectural jewel which recalls the weft of a fabric. It has inspired MANSOUR, a collection of lines, volumes and shapes.

Geometric shapes and scrolls are revealed by the depth and the light, sculpted with metallic inks. MANSOUR is a structured collection which blends architecture with“haute couture”.

Rio Madeira

Leafy wallpaper pattern botanical wallpaper


With magnificent volume, the raw textures come together as aweaving. Their beautiful materials and bright colours are revealed through rotogravure.

Matte or iridescent highlights accentuate the grain and the finesse of the drawings and the light pulses in this visual and tactile harmony.

Rich in diversity and combinations, heritage of its colonial splendourand the beauty of the virgin forest, the RIO MADEIRO collection shows us the magic and “joie de vivre” from a far through the intensity of its colours.


Mustard colour wallpaper of tiger in the jungle


A collection which recalls the “Cortège d’Orphée” by Apollinaire, in which the poet associates an animal portrait with an image.

An exquisite collection, ORPHEE brings wonderful drawings to life allowing the magic of the plant and animals kingdoms to emerge. Subtly used over matte inks, metallic flashes highlight the illustrations in the collection, adding depth to the patterns and revealing the sophistication of its contours.

A luminous collection, with rich colours, immersing us in the depths of the oceans and the forests. The force of nature is displayed in the harmony of the grain and the patterns