Get 3 wallpaper quotes

One of the easiest ways to find someone to wallpaper your home is by using the “get 3 quotes” system from the myriad of online sites that offer this service. But does this mean the work has really been done for you? NO! Any person or company can register with these sites, it is still good practice for you to know how to choose the quality tradesperson from the bunch.

Mostly we look for the perfect balance of quality, price and great reviews. Here in the decorating industry though, it can be almost impossible to compare wallpaper quotes as they vary so widely. You can go for the cheapest sure, but will you get the quality of work, premium paste and any extra care? You can go for the best looking website but will that person respect your home?

Questions to ask a tradie when getting wallpaper quotes

  • Does this installer have a QBCC license and public liability insurance? 


  • Did you read the quote fully or receive a terms and conditions? This leaves no room for error, you know exactly what is expected from you and are covered if something is not done that is specified in the quote. By accepting the wallpaper quotes you are agreeing to the terms in those quotes.


  • Did you receive excellent customer service so far? Were your calls/emails responded to in a timely manner? Was the person you spoke to polite and happy to help? When you let someone into your home did you feel comfortable?


  • Did you read the reviews for the company/installer? Look for independant reviewers such as Google reviews as these will be from past customers and will allow you to see recent and relevant information.


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