Florence Broadhurst was born in outback Queensland in 1899. She was a talented artist, designer and businesswoman. In 1959 Florence started a hand printed wallpaper business in Sydney. She designed, manufactured and marketed locally produced, high-quality, handcrafted wallpapers in unique, oversized patterns. Technical advances made in her studio included printing onto metallic surfaces, the development of a washable, vinyl-coating finish and a drying rack system that allowed her wallpapers to be produced in large quantities.

Brightly coloured peacocks were a feature, as were bold geometrics, stripes, romantic floral designs, psychedelic pop art, orientals and cartoon-like line drawings. All her wallpapers were hand printed and her iconic designs remain popular today.

In 1977 Florence was murdered in her Paddington studio and the murder was never solved.

Some modern Florence Broadhurst wallpapers available today.