Cinema room - 3d black wallpaper

Building a Home Cinema Room?

Who wouldn’t love a home cinema room?!

An interior trend we are seeing a lot of is wallpapering a media room.

For us, a media room should be something more than just a projector screen or huge TV, a cinema room works best when it is moody and atmospheric.

Keep in mind that the home theatre room has different needs than any other room in your home. Natural light isn’t a concern and you have the chance to experiment with colours and styles that might not use in other spaces around the home. Rich, dark colours like red, black or gold and bold patterns may not be your taste for your living room but will suit a home theatre perfectly. 


Designing a home cinema room

After all your tech; screens, speakers and comfy seating you will look to design to create the atmosphere of a cinema. Using wallpaper is the perfect way to inject the ambience and backdrop for your room.

A popular interior design idea for your movie room is an Art Deco theme. Be inspired by movie theatres of old or use a modern take of a 1920’s classic such as this Catherine Martin black and gold wallpaper

Think old school Hollywood glamour all the way here!

Black and gold wallpaper 1920's style. Geometric Metropolis wallpaper Art Deco
Art Deco Fan wallpaper
Feather Fan
Retro shapes wallpaper

Acoustic Wallpaper

If soundproofing is a concern you can install acoustic wallpaper. Designed to improve the acoustic comfort of the room and reduce noise pollution coming from outside.

Soundproof wallpaper applied to walls or ceiling using fiberglass acoustic material with a vinyl top layer featuring any mural of your choosing from our ranges.

Click on either Skinwall and Taplab in our online shop to view the possibilities. There are hundreds of mural designs to have a chat with us if there is something in particular you are looking to see.


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Colour Scheme

Being a room that tends to be darker it makes sense to go with a darker colour scheme. You could even be inspired by the classic movie theatre and go with a traditional cinema colour –red.

red accoustic wallpaper cinema room

Mural Wallpaper for Home Cinema Room

Another popular trend for home movie rooms is to install a mural on one or two walls. Bonus points for something movie related. You may find an image of your favourite movie or actor and have that made in to your very own bespoke mural wallpaper.

This is another great way to inject the right atmosphere into this tv room. And don’t forget all our soundproof wallpapers are murals too. These can also be made on standard non woven wallpaper without the acoustic layer.

So what is your cinematic taste? Will you go with opulent elegance or dark and moody atmosphere or something quirkier?

Here a few cinema room ideas for your walls straight from our shop. Available for you to buy now.

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