Middle Eastern wallpaper is an exotic interior style. This look ranges from traditional Iranian patterns to traditional geometric designs

Whatever your interior style we can find a wallpaper with a Middle Eastern theme to suit yours.

Middle Eastern wallpaper brings to mind colourful, textured carpets in a Morrocan bazaar. This is very an opulent, cultural look for interior design as it creates a definite decor style. 

This look often incorporates gold, silver and bronze in the designs. This style can also be translated to use Arabic style architecture including patterns like tiles which are either colourful or aged looking.

Whatever overall look you are headed for, we have just the right wallpaper for you.

We hope to inspire you with everything from small tiles designs to traditional Indian  patterns in a great variety of wallpaper designs.

One thing all our wallpaper has in common… its all great quality. Rest assured you are buying a product that will look great up. All you have to do is choose your design and colourway.

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Middle Eastern style interior wallpaper adds to the ambience of this elegant and timeless living style.

This Arabic or Indian influence in design is about using clean lines or intricate curlicues in a luxurious setting. Creating a colourful, modest yet traditionally ethnic style in your space. It conjures up images of intricate patterns on temples walls or the pattern of a sari.

The use of a warm colour palette in bold colours are an essential design component. This fits with the aesthetic.

So whether you are looking for a bold geometric design, a modern take on the traditional style or a soft floral we have the right wallpaper pattern for you.