Nature Wallpaper

Bringing the outdoors in is always going to be a popluar interior trend. It lends a fresh inviting feeling to a room. It  makes the room feel airy and open.

There are so many ways you can approach a beautiful nature inspired wallpaper. It really depends on your tastes, style of your home or interior design. Floral wallpaper does not have to be like your grandma had. It can be vibrant and modern. Perhaps you have a coastal style home and you are using a coral inspired wallpaper pattern. Perhaps you are  bringing in a feature wall with a vibrant flower design or wallpapering the entire room with a scenic mural.

“The very best scenic wallpaper installations can make an otherwise ordinary room feel like a world of its own,” says Kate Figler of AD PRO Directory designer.

Every style and taste can shine through with wallpaper reflecting natures flora and fauna.

So whether you prefer greenery or a bold palm tree lets explore natures bounty in wallpapers.

Japanese Style Wallpaper

A wonderful wallpapering trend now is for Japanese nature wallpaper which is a wonderful way to bring a zen calm into your room. Japanese inspired wallpapers might feature a traditional Eastern style garden or bamboo.

Eastern influence in design is about harmony and balance. So choosing a Japanese style will help acheive that elegance and calm to your home.

Greenery Nature Wallpaper

There are so many green nature style wallpapers to choose from. And green is currently the trending colour for interior design. Think sage greens or a bold emerald green. So you get to tick 2 boxes here; using a popular colour along with a fresh leafy interior.

Maybe you don’t have a green thumb and the real plants keep dying on you. Introducing a lovely greenery feature on your wall keeps that nature appeal with zero upkeep.

Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpapers comes in so many styles. You can use anything from a classical small traditional flower pattern to a bold modern colourful mural. All flower wallpaper will lend that bringing nature inside touch using nature wallpaper. It all depends on your homes style and your taste. A popular resurgence is happening with Chinoiserie style wallpaper. And a wonderful way to bring light and space into a room is by using a light coloured, large scale flower bloom.

So whether you are aiming for a fresh modern interiors, a vintage vibe, a spa like bathroom retreat or a show stopping mural print; you can show your naturalist side with flower wallpaper.

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