Exterior paint Sandgate residence

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission is the regulator of the building industry in Queensland QBCC supports the growing Queensland community by providing information, advice and regulation to ensure the maintenance of proper building standards, remedies for defective building work and promoting confidence in the building and construction industry.

Under their home warranty scheme, licensed contractors must pay a premium on behalf of the consumer for all residential construction work they carry out which is over $3300. A recent reform by the government has now expanded the scheme to include all painting and wallpaper installation to residential jobs which total over $3300

What does it cover: Failure of contractor to complete contracted work or if the work is defective.

How long are you covered for: The work is covered for a period of 6 years 6 months from the date (whichever is earlier):

When do you pay: Within 10 days of receiving your contract.

How much do you pay: The amount is dependant of the total cost of your job including GST