Close up room photo of the graphic bold shapes that are Saturn wallpaper by Thibaut

Gone are the days of mundane, monotonous white paint; instead, we invite you to explore the world of fresh wallpaper ideas. Here every pattern and texture reflects a part of your unique personality and tastes. In today’s fast-paced world, where trends evolve rapidly and individuality reigns, the walls of your home serves as a canvas for self-expression and creativity. 

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy to a nursery, create a serene retreat in the bedroom, or make a statement in the living room, we’ve got you covered. From minimalist chic to bold and eclectic, we’ll explore a diverse range of themes and inspirations that cater to every taste and preference.

So let’s explore together as we reimagine modern interior design through the versatile medium of wallpaper.

Rolls of Thiabut grasscloth wallpaper

1) The Accent Wall

The accent wall is when we create a focal point in a room by covering just one wall with wallpaper. Although there is nothing new about the feature wall concept there are fresh ways we can look at this. Some examples might be; using a fun and unexpected wallpaper patten in a serious room. Or choosing a whimsical wallpaper that might not have been seen before.

Etosha Zebra print wallpaper in beige
Rolls of dog wallpaper Buddy by Anna French

2) Using wallpaper as art

Choosing art is very personal and can be expensive. Often more than one piece is needed for a large wall. So how about using the wallpaper as your artwork? Whether you go for a classic mural here or just a design that speaks to you as artwork might, this is artwork on a grand scale. No frame needed!

Shades of brown mountains feature in this watercolour inspired landscape wallpaper mural
Twilight Landscape
Living room image with wallpaper of a countryside landscape in orange tones
Cap Ferret

3) Framing your wallpaper

Or hang the frame and use a wallpaper within that…

Framed wallpaper
Bird Sonnet by 1838 wallpaper used with a frame for a unique bedhead

4) Wallpaper with Birds

Whether you have a subtle flying bird or a bright pink flamingo, feathered avians are trending for wallpaper design. You can also look at nature inspired wallpaper that birds are featured in. Also wallpaper that has a feathered pattern.

White wallpaper with gold spots making up a coastal design with birds
Brighton Homes - Rebelwalls wallpaper mural of birds and mountains

5) Mid Century Modern

This is modern interior design lingo for retro. Mid century modern refers to architecture and interior style from the 1950’s to 1970’s. Re-imagined in some fantastic wallpaper designs all thats left is to choose how bold you go with it.

Mid century modern inspired office living space using Saturn wallpaper
Mid Century modern styling with geometric wallpaper

6) Watercolour style wallpaper ideas

Wallpaper is either made from a hand-painted design or digitally created. Either way a watercolour inspired wallpaper is made to replicate the real artwork style.

Close up of watercolour seascape wallpaper mural by Designers Guild
Living room featyrung a feminine mural of vegetation floral and birds

7) Wallpaper that looks like fabric

There are many to choose from out there but a wonderful wallpaper idea to create a sophisticated, textural effect in your room is by using a wallcovering that looks like fabric. You can buy designs that emulate linen, canvas or velvet and all will add a layer of elegance to any space.

A neutral coloured unpatterned wallpaper that lends texture to your walls
Textum Neutral
Grey wallpaper that looks like a fabric
Johara fabric like effect wallpaper in blue

8) Wallpaper with lights

Cutting edge design houses such as Meystyle use thousands of LED lights to make up the wallpaper pattern. Encapsulating the functionality of lighting with the beauty of wallpaper in one go.

Meystyle wallpaper image LED wallpaper room shot of glamorous living space
Black wallpaper by Meystyle with LED lights

9) Modern Floral wallpaper ideas

Floral wallpaper has always been around and likely always will. In order to keep the look modern think about the overall style. To keep floral wallpaper looking fresh and contemporary use a bold floral design, a traditional design in super modern colourways or oversized flowers.

bold fun wallpaper of large flowers, butterflies, gold chains and feathers
Electric Avenue
Artemis Verdigris is a green grey background with pink wildflowers. House of Hackney wallpaper pattern perfect feature wall idea

10) Small patterns wallpaper ideas

In a more traditional style home for example in a French Provincial, farmhouse or Hamptons style, a timeless small scale pattern is back. A classic example of old world charm being bought back into homes. 

Bethany small scale pattern in a traditional home setting
Mimi is a traditional inspired wallpaper with a small pattern in a farmhouse style home

11) Oversized scale patterns

And for the more contemporary home oversize is all the trend. Think murals here or repeating wallpaper patterns that have the large scale usually achieved with a mural. This wallpaper idea will create that wow factor.

Coastal bedroom featuring tropical palm leaf wallpaper by thibaut Banana Tree
Banana Tree
Image shows a large scale floral wallpaper design in a living space
Poets of the fall

12) Have fun with animal wallpaper

Find a playful vibe with a sense of humour for this tongue in cheek style. You might choose wallpaper patterns of hookah smoking sloths, cheeky monkeys hiding in a jungle or a large scale single animal printed on your wall.

Brighton Homes fun mural of a dog on a faux brick wallpaper
animal wallpaper
Hackney Empire

13) Peach Fuzz

Pantone chooses a colour of the year every year. A color radiant with warmth and modern elegance was chosen for 2024.

“Peach Fuzz captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It’s a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.”

wobbly stripes feature in this peach coloured stripe wallpaper

14) Graphic Wallpaper Ideas

Graphic pattern in design refers to an art style that is either hand drawn, engraved or bold, vivid shapes. This translates beautifully when looking at graphic wallpaper ideas as there are stunning options to choose from. This style leans towards an artsy style of abstract drawing or a “jump off the wall” almost 3D effect wallpaper pattern.

Wallpaper of black line drawing of abstract faces on a white background.
Face First
Graphic wallpaper in beige by Casamia as a feature wall

15) Wallpaper on a ceiling

Most often the ceiling is painted white and forgotten. But it can be a perfect choice to hang wallpaper. Literally elevating a space. This works well in entry ways, rooms that might have little wall space as well as bedrooms. A ceiling can also be utilised by using a contrasting wallpaper to the one used on the walls. Or if you are going all in; matching the wallpaper on the walls and ceiling.

Green room. Wallpaper on the ceiling
Big Dots

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of fresh wallpaper ideas as much as i have enjoyed curating them for you.

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