Plaid Wallpaper

Plaid wallpaper

Hot Tip for Trending Wallpaper 2021 Plaid wallpaper although classic and timeless has been fairly dormant in recent years. But no more! Tartan checks are back to give your interiors that air of sophistication. Showing up on catwalks everywhere it always follows through to interior design for the home or work space next. Drawing inspiration […]

Perfect Bedroom Wallpaper

Looking for bedroom wallpaper? Not sure where to start? We are here to help with ideas, tips and inspiration The best thing about choosing a wallpaper for your bedroom is the choices are endless. You are not restricted by wallpaper types as any type can be used in a bedroom. Plus usually only the habitants […]

Best Places to Buy Wallpaper

buying wallpaper online

There are many blog articles written on the best places to buy wallpaper and what wallpaper is best to buy. Broken down they are really just lists on wallpaper stockists that the author decided look good or on trend. In this guide on the best places to buy wallpaper we offer the additional and insightful […]

The Best Guide to Using Wallpaper in a Coastal Style Interior

A Coastal style interior should bring to mind a carefree day at the beach. The use of our quintessentially Australian connection with the beach allows us to create a chic, relaxed interior design style. Coastal interiors are not to be confused with Nautical or Hamptons style homes which are often stronger, bolder designs using navy […]

Japandi Interior Design Style -Japanese & Scandi fusion

Japandi & Japanese Wallpaper Style Japandi is an exciting trend for interior design in 2021. Using wallpaper create a serene Japanese simplistic style in your interior decor. I love this style as it straight away evokes a calming influence. The patterns may still be bold and playful and that remind us of Japan like; good […]

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

curved interior design

Curved Interior Design – How to feature the current interior trend for curves in your home using wallpaper. Curved interior design is a huge contemporary element many interior designers and architects are embracing in modern home design at the moment. “Curves instantly create softness. They make us feel cocooned, safe and warm, and are seen […]

Custom Wallpaper

Bespoke wallpaper has always been around but now it has become so easy to custom create your own unique wallpaper. Traditionally this style has been used for a photo mural but thanks to sites like Raw Pixel there are no limitations. Simply purchase the Vector you like & download – speak to us for commercial […]

Spotlight on Art Deco wallpaper style

  Does your wallpaper style shout sophisticated monochromes, bold symmetrical patterns or glamourous gold patterns? You may be a great fit for Art Deco styling in your home. The beauty of Art Deco is it brings all the opulence of the 1920s to a 21st-century space. This is an elegant  style that is all about […]

Grasscloth or Vinyl Alternative Wallpaper

Grasscloth can be a love or hate wallpaper style. So before you embrace the look or toss the idea out lets look at the benefits and properties compared to the alternative;  vinyl wallpapers that look like grasscloth What is Grasscloth? Grasscloth is the umbrella term for wallcoverings made of woven, natural fibres like jute, sisal […]

Brick Wallpaper

White brick wallpaper

Brick Wallpaper Brick wallpaper is having a huge resurgence. This popular interior design trend is great to create instant atmosphere in a space. Use a white, red, black or grey brick effect wallpaper or even a wall with cement still in patches for a warehouse vibe. Exposed brick wallpaper is a definite urban, industrial style […]