Bathroom showing monochrome wallpaper in shower of line drawing female faces
Face First

Black and White Wallpaper Ideas

Black and white interiors, while once considered a timeless and sophisticated choice, has seen a decline in popularity in recent years. This is due to the shift towards creating warmer, cozier and often more colourful living spaces. Black and white design has a stark contrast and minimalist aesthetic. While to some this is what they hope to achieve, to others it can feel cold compared to warmer color palettes.

However, this classic combination exudes sophistication and elegance, lending an air of refinement to any interior space. And so for this reason i wanted to explore some black and white wallpaper ideas to inspire you to rethink how to use this trend in your home.

Tribal feather wallpaper
Prete moi ta plume Jais
Elephants in black is a monochrome wallpaper with a tropical theme with palm trees and elephants for fun

Contemporary Black and White Wallpaper feature walls

Black and white wallpaper has the unique ability to transform a room by creating visual interest and focal points. Bright colours are not the only way to draw the eye to a point in the room. Using a bold pattern in a modern style using just a monochrome colour palette does the job equally well.

Whether making a statement in entryways, living rooms, or dining areas you can elevate the overall aesthetic of the space. You can instantly create a conversation piece using whatever overall style you want, whether it be tropical or abstract. Not having colour is almost the biggest point of difference in todays usual interior styles.

Wallpaper of black line drawing of abstract faces on a white background.
Face First
Black and white geometric wallpaper with abstract shapes

Black and White Geometric patterns

Black and white, the quintessential pairing of opposites, holds a timeless appeal that effortlessly captivates the eye. And this is seen in no better form than in bold geometric designs.

So whether you opt for modernistic graphic shapes or more subtle small scale geometric patterns; monochrome works perfectly.

Bold geometric wallpaper design Jordan in black and white
Tortona in black and white wallpaper pattern

Black White Wallpaper in Floral Style

One of the most remarkable aspects of black and white wallpaper is its versatility in design applications. Now you have seen bold geometric patterns lets look at how they work as floral motifs. You can get everything from intricate floral or damask patterns to evoking a sense of romance by adding a touch of vintage charm to any space.

Poppys on black wallpaper in a cafe
Black and white etched effect wallpaper
Cow Parsley
Black and white skateboards mural wallpaper perfect for a teen or tweens bedroom
Skate or Die

Black and White wallpaper ideas for Kids Rooms

For teenagers bedrooms or kids rooms black and white is a great choice.

The simplicity of a black and white color palette can help create a calm and focused environment, conducive to studying, creativity, and relaxation. It also provides a visually cohesive backdrop that allows other elements in the room to stand out.

Black and white color schemes are inherently gender-neutral, making them suitable for teenagers of any gender. This can be particularly beneficial for shared or multi-purpose spaces, allowing the room to adapt to different preferences and needs.

How to style a room with black and white wallpaper

Tips for decorating with a black and white wallpaper :

  • Pair black and white wallpaper with vibrant pops of color for a playful contrast. This might be using pillows, throws, rugs or furniture with colour. The wallpaper will give instant depth to the room and make the colourful piece take centre stage.
  • Combine black and white wallpaper with natural materials such as wood or rattan to create a harmonious balance and add warmth and texture to your
  • Try black and white wallpaper in your entry to create a focal point and striking entrance.
  • Introduce metallic accents like gold or silver to infuse glamour and sophistication into your space.
Brighton homes black and white bedroom wallpaper - These Walls

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