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How to decorate a minimalism interior

There are some givens for a minimalism style interior; open plan, light and airy and a less is more approach. But there are finessed touches like well built furnishings that are practical, functional and sleek. As well as a room that is restful with no glaring focuses but where every piece is in alignment and makes sense with everything else in the space. The room should be free of distractions, removing unnecessary elements to leave a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Minimalism promotes a clutter-free environment, so keep the number of decorative elements to a minimum. Instead of buying expensive ornaments to decorate spend the money on better quality fixtures like stone, timber or marble when choosing bench tops, tiles etc.

This is not to say the interior must be bland. Introduce warmth to the space by the use of texture and natural products like timber and stone. Add interest with the furnishings you pick. Choose something that maybe has a pleasing curve or picks up a colour from somewhere else in the space. It’s the small delicate choices that come together in a refined holistic finish.

Timber minimalism living space

Why is minimalism a popular modern home style?

In our busy lives coming home to an uncluttered, calm environment is a haven. It helps simplify our stressful lives. And this is an appealing idea. Minimalism fosters mindfulness and a more intentional way of living, leading to reduced stress and improved mental well-being.

Minimalism is done well by the Japanese and Chinese and I think Zen encaptures all that minimalism is. Zen emphasizes meditation, mindfulness, and an experience of enlightenment. By practicing mindfulness in what we choose to surround ourselves with, by bringing elements from nature into your space and by choosing not to clutter your home frees the mind of clutter also.

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What colours to use in minimalist design

Colour palettes are typically monochrome, layers of organic neutral tones or pale greys. Don’t mix these as minimalist design calls for limited use of colour and simplicity.

The challenge is to still make the room still warm and inviting without the use of colour. You can add some texture with a well placed rug or some wallpaper, just stay away from overpowering patterns. You can add a pop of colour with a contemporary piece of furniture. Just make it the only colour in the room. And play with softer muted colours for example sage green rather than emerald green.

Contemporary dining room
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Can I use wallpaper in a minimalist home?

Yes but wallpaper should be there to introduce some colour instead of art. As well as a layer of texture.

Instead of wallpaper being a focal point it should be a pleasing backdrop to help zone areas or to pick out a tone that compliments some furniture. This works particularly well when layering creams and beiges.

Use a subtle geometric or a large scale pattern that works to compliment the shapes in furniture or fixtures. 

Try mimicking natural resources like concrete or marble.

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Ideas for what wallpaper to use in a minimalistic interior

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