Galilee blue night wallpaper perfect for an office with its vintage style globes

Why have wallpaper for a teenagers room

Wallpaper for a teenagers room is perfect in that it allows your big kid to surround themselves in a style they love in their personal space. The fact that wallpaper offers such a wide range of designs and patterns allows teenagers to choose a look for their space that resonates with their personal style and tastes.

So whether they prefer bold and vibrant patterns, inspirational quotes, or calming nature-inspired themes, teenagers can select wallpapers that reflect their individuality and preferences. It’s an opportunity for them to curate a space that feels uniquely theirs and showcases their personality.

To give them a sense of ownership allow your teenagers to have a say in decorating their personal space through wallpaper. It also fosters their decision-making skills, creativity, and independence. When teenagers feel empowered to make choices about their environment, they develop a stronger sense of self and gain confidence in expressing their individuality.

So slay your big kids room decor and choose an epic wallpaper to ensure you are the GOAT (greatest of all time) parent!

Fashion week wallpaper. Perfect for the style lovers and a teenagers room
Fashion week

Teenage Girls Wallpaper

When applying wallpaper in a girls room firstly you need to consider the existing room’s style: Take into account the existing décor and style of the room. Look for wallpaper that complements the furniture, bedding, and other elements in the space. Talk with your daughter about the overall style she would like and decide on a colour scheme.

Teenagers often have unique and diverse tastes. Perhaps she is a girly girl and would like a floral design or a tropical pattern. These might be a soft subtle design or can run in the direction of bold, colourful taste. Maybe she is into inspirational quotes and you can use a decal or wallpaper that has a motivational quote she can view on waking everyday. Or perhaps the wallpaper can feature her favourite animal.

Rebelwalls mural of a white brick wall with a poster and motivational quote
Rebelwalls wallpaper

Teenage Boys wallpaper

Teenage boys often have specific interests and hobbies. Consider wallpapers with themes that align with their passions, such as sports, music, gaming, nature, cars, or travel. This will help create a room that reflects their individuality and makes them feel comfortable.

How about using a combination of his favorite colors in a stripe or opt for a more neutral color palette if he prefers a subdued look. Darker shades can create a cozy and masculine feel, while brighter colors can add energy.

Teenage boys may appreciate wallpapers with texture or a textured appearance. For example a wallpaper that looks like brick, wood, or concrete textures can add an interesting element to the room and also won’t date or age.

Black wallpaper Burnt Wood by NLXL faux timber effect

More wallpaper ideas for your teenagers bedroom

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