Decorating with natural raw materials is always a winner. Timber, stone, brick, concrete all bring texture, character, interest and ambience to a room.

However do you crave the warmth that timber would bring to your home but it is out of your budget?

Or do you long for the structure and texture a stone tile would bring but not the expense?

Can you believe that wallpaper is the answer? I am sure everyone is familiar with faux brick wallpaper as it is ever a popular choice

But did you know there are actual timber and stone veneers out there? A real timber or stone but so fine it can be backed and then installed as a wallpaper. You can achieve the authentic look you’re after at a fraction of the cost and time.

Plus its so realistic that most people have to actually touch it to realise that it’s not the real thing.


Timber look wallpaper

Its so exciting as these looks will never go out of fashion and the quality and variety keeps improving.

Imagine the character and charm of a stone effect wallpaper on a chimney breast. Or the industrial style you give to a room by putting up concrete effect wallpaper.

And lets not forget tiles!

Wallpaper that looks like a tile, some even have “grout” showing! Of course its not watertight or water proof so be careful where you put it.

I wouldn’t have it in the shower! However a splashback could have a sealer coat applied over it or even a clear glass panel.