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What is a faux effect wallpaper

Faux effect wallpaper is wallpaper that is made to look like a material that it is not. The most popular faux effect wallpaper types are brick and wood.

Decorating with any natural or raw materials is always a winner. Materials derived from nature all bring texture, character, interest and ambience to a room.

However, you may aspire to have the warmth that timber or brick would bring to your home but it is out of your budget or architecturally not possible to use in your home. Instead have you tought about  simply using a wallpaper that looks like timber, stone, brick, concrete or tile; a faux effect wallpaper.

Top 5 faux effect wallpapers

Here are our top 5 well used, time tested interior design styles using fake building materials. We explore each in depth below so keep scrolling!

  1. Brick
  2. Timber
  3. Concrete
  4. Stone
  5. Tile
Concrete effect wallpaper

Concrete wallpaper

Concrete is another building material that will add a wonderfully raw feeling to a room.

You will often find this in an industrial style home. Making it a fantastic feature wall and talking point. Industrial style homes are homes that are styled with an old warehouse in mind or an open New York loft apartment. Both of these would typically have exposed concrete, brick walls and metal pipe work. These are the vital architectural elements that bring this style together.

So by using a faux effect wallpaper that looks like distressed concrete you are able to create this effect anywhere in any home or business.

wallpaper that looks like white painted brick wall

Brick wallpaper

One of the most popular faux effect wallpaper that is used is one that appears to be brick. So if you have always wanted that exposed brick wall in your home but your home is not made from brick; there are some realistic brick wallpapers you can use instead.

Brick wallpaper is infact made from a digital photo taken of the real thing. So when hung well with no joins showing, from afar no one would know!

Brick effect patterns come in many forms; just simply different coloured bricks, painted bricks – usually whitewashed, or old crumbling style perhaps with some concrete hanging on. Thus combining 2 effects in one!

Brick wallpaper could be used in so many style homes. A red brick would look good in industrial settings. Whereas a whitewashed brick look would sit equally well in a coastal beachy home to a modern inner city apartment.

Wood lookalike wallpaper in a drop zone mud room

Timber look wallpaper

Whether you are looking for a rugged timber wallpaper that looks like paneling or a bright whitewashed wood, timber instantly brings warmth into an interior space. A wonderful building material from nature that may mean you need to get handy with carpentry tools. If this is not for you then using a faux effect wallpaper is an easier option.

There are a myriad of designs in the wood look wallpaper space. From distressed timber with flaking paint for a rustic or vintage look. To planks that look like VJ boards for a traditional Queenslander home or a farmhouse. And simple wood panels for a modern coastal style or Hamptons home. 

This faux effect wallpaper is the most versatile style as it really can be used in so many varying ways. And truth be told it is also my favourite!

wallpaper on staircase. Faux effect wallpaper that looks like a Moroccan tile

Tile wallpaper

One of the latest ways to use faux effect wallpaper is by using a wallpaper that looks like a tile.

Often based on a patterned ceramic tile this style is up and coming for kitchens and bathrooms. And often mimicing a tin tile, often rusted. These designs are often Middle Eastern in style.

bathroom wallpaper faux red stone

Stone Wallpaper

The final faux effect wallpaper we are exploring is a stone look wallpaper. Less seen but with a striking effect. This is great for bathrooms, indoor outdoor spaces, if weather proof and a vinyl, as well suitable for a living space in industrial style homes. The most commonly seen is a stacking stone design as an alternative to a brick wall.

Or how about a marbled effect wallpaper design? This exudes luxury that can be applied in any home.

I hope this article helps you understand what faux effect wallpaper is and has given you ideas for your home. 

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