Close up of watercolour seascape wallpaper mural by Designers Guild
Paysage Marin - Designers Guild

Are you looking for some feature wall ideas and inspiration? You have arrived at the right place. We have installed wallpaper feature walls for the last 30 years and one thing thing we do week in and week out are feature walls so we are full of ideas.

One thing we do know from installing all those feature walls is; everyone is different. There are a few tips we will share here but ultimately it is about finding something you love and know you will enjoy for some time.

For some modern interior trends in feature wall ideas read on.

Ever popular wallpaper of bananas and palms
La Palma

3 reasons feature walls are great

  1. Wallpaper can bring drama or a pop of colour to a room. By using a feature wall to do this it gives enough impact without being over the top. It also gives a focal point to a room giving an interesting, welcoming place for the eyes to focus. Choose a feature wall as the emphasis point around which you build the rest of your design.       
  2. Certain patterns or designs can affect your mood. A wallpaper that uses lots of yellow will have a positive energy and exude cheerfulness. Blue that is prominent in a wallpaper design is calming.  So whatever vibe you are wanted to promote you can use colour to bring happiness and serenity into your home via a wall that catches your eye on entering the room.
  3. You can manipulate spaces with visual tricks using pattern. For example using vertical stripes to create an impression of height. Or choosing a metallic finish to reflect light where there is shadows. This works by reflecting light from  windows, doors or mirrors to bounce off the wall.

Fireplace wallpaper botanical vintage floral
Vintage Botanical

Textured Wallpaper feature wall ideas

Wood lookalike wallpaper in a drop zone mud room

Textured wallpaper is a timeless wallpaper trend with interior designers. It enables you to add another layer of luxe texture to your room.

Texture can come in many forms and styles. It can be a grasscloth which is a hand woven natural fibre. Or it might be a vinyl that is embossed so it is not just flat. This gives a design the illusion of depth. 

Or maybe it just has the illusion of texture for an attention grabbing feature wall and backdrop.

Whatever your way there are many wallpapers to buy that have a textured finish. Plus this has the added benfit of being a good way to introduce wallpaper if you haven’t used it before and are shying away from bold patterns. It is also a timeless wallpaper style so if you are looking to have it up for a long time a more unpatterned wallpaper is perfect for a feature wall idea. It also gives you flexibility to interchange furniture and soft furnishings over time without having to change wallpaper.

Attention Grabbing Feature Wall Ideas

An accent wall is most commonly used to create an impact. It is the focal point for the eye to be drawn to when entering a room.  So this is the place to use a wallpaper with wow factor.

An often used trend at the moment is use a wallpaper featuring animals, birds or insects. 

This can interpreted in many ways and again so much is down to your personal taste. Just bear in mind when looking for feature wallpaper, it is still part of a whole room. So think about matching the colours in the wallpaper to the paint on the other walls as well as furniture, flooring and window treatments.

animal wallpaper
Hackney Empire

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