Renovating your office and looking for innovative interior design ideas for your workspace? Look no further you can make your office clever, functional and attractive all in one go!


We can install a magnetic lining paper with your choice of wallpaper over laying it and ta-da your feature wall is now magnetic! But you would never know until you need to use it so change your boardroom wall from a feature wall to a useful function wall.

MagLiner™ Matt Grey Ferrous Liner is a wall liner that has ferrous particles in the material to make it receptive to magnet.








How about a wallcovering that can be used as a projection screen, for dry erase writing and is magnetic? Vescom’s Walltalkers has just that and is perfect for presentations, ideal for offices, meeting and training facilities, marketing departments and design studios.

They have a high-quality surface with unequalled readability and fully erasable.





Get creative like an office in Japan has with these clever decals applied around the fire equipment.