Black wallpaper in a leather tiled effect by Arte in a boardroom

Why use an office wallpaper

Are you renovating your office and looking for innovative interior design ideas for your workspace? Look no further; you can add wallpaper and make your office functional, productive and attractive all in one go!

There are many ways you can use office wallpaper. By picking the right wall it can define separate common areas. You can use wallpaper to create a grand and visually impressive entry. Make a bland corporate space more inviting for visitors. And use colour to increase productivity from employees.


Board room meetings are a meeting of minds. You want to create a space that is good for communication of ideas, brainstorming and planning. The wallpaper should be conducive to conversation and inspirational. Many board rooms are masculine and a dark expensive looking wallpaper like a leather effect will give out a definite authoritive vibe. However a conversational feature wall like a world map mural or inspirational quote would also work well depending on the users of the room.

Rebelwalls - Horizon

Office entry

The entry to your premises makes that all important 1st impression. Choose a striking office wallpaper here that sets the tone for your organisation. Creating a custom mural that represents your brand as well as including your logo is a great advertisement and perfect for the entry or reception area of the office.

Fotowall custom wallpaper with logo in the office reception
Photo from Fotowall

Office Wallpaper

You can approach the main office wallpaper in a few ways depending on what you are trying to acheive with the wallpaper;

From a functionality point of view you can use a wallcovering that can be used as a projection screen, for dry erase writing and is magnetic. Vescom’s Walltalkers is just that. It is perfect for presentations, ideal for offices, meeting and training facilities, marketing departments and design studios.

Walltalkers has a high-quality surface with unequalled readability and fully erasable. 

Vescom Walltalkers wall covering being used in an office

Or maybe you are thinking of the productivity aspect and enthusiasm at work from employees. You can use wallpaper to create good feeling and if people feel good they generally work better. It is easy for offices to feel very disconnected from outside so bringing in a wallpaper that reflects nature is always going to a positive.

Get creative like an office in Japan has with these clever decals applied around the fire equipment.


Landscape custom wallpaper mural for office desk

What colour is best for productivity

Using office wallpaper has another great advantage. That being colour. It has been proven that colour has an impact on productivity and emotions. For employee satisfaction the use of certain colors can positively contribute to happiness, productivity, and even physical health in a workplace.

Linda Sharkey, a human resources expert and co-author of “The Future-Proof Workplace says;  “Colors like red foster excitement and build energy. Bright colors often help people spark ideas, while soothing colors like green and lighter blues help them relax.”  – link –

Using blue in the office wallpaper design will help calm the mind and aid concentration. It enhances wakefulness, stimulates the mind and supports clear communication. Office environments are encouraged to use blue in the décor if they require extensive periods of focus such as technical and administrative tasks.  Add a splash of orange if you need extra inspiration.  


The colour green represents harmony and creates a sense of peace, calm and reassurance. Research has linked green with broader thinking and more creative thought. This colour would be particularly helpful if you feel overwhelmed by all the tasks you need to complete.

Yellow can evoke feelings of enthusiasm, optimism and mental clarity. It is not such a popular colour however it will motivate employees and help them feel good at work

Home Office

With many more people working from home at least part time now, places or rooms within the home are being repurposed as an office.

This is great news as you can choose an office wallpaper that is just for your taste only. Using the same principles as above choose a wallpaper that you love for all walls or a feature wall.

Here are some ideas from our collections.

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