If you have been looking at soundproof options you will have found that while there may be some effective options out there none are that pleasing to look at. Acoustic options until more recently have been bulky foam panels. Now we can solve that issue. Our acoustic, noise reducing wallpapers look amazing as the front face is a digitally printed pattern or scene. And they are hung in the same way as standard wallpaper. The hardest part will now be choosing between the myriad of mural designs on offer. 

How does soundproof wallpaper work?

So compared with traditional foam acoustic panels the wallpaper versions are not as thick –  3mm. And regular wallpaper is a paper or vinyl sheet with a design printed on one side and a paper backing. However acoustic wallpaper is created with several layers, among them a foam layer. It is this foam layer that helps absorb sound waves to reduce noise impact created by the sound waves bouncing off hard surfaces.

Both our brands on offer; Taplab and Skinwall have an acoustic product made from fibreglass. This works by absorbing sound such as noice pollution from outside the room.

The vinyl fabric is also structured in differentiated layers of PVC and cotton fiber to obtain the best acoustic comfort of the rooms by playing on the balance between absorption and reflection of sound waves.  

Why should i buy acoustic wallpaper?

Acoustic sound reducing wallpaper can be used at home to absorb noise in or out of a media room or kids playroom.

It is also a great commercial option. Applying a wallcovering mural that reduces noise can work anywhere from a bar or restaurant to hotels.

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