Sometimes those feeling creative want to know if wallpaper can be stuck to surfaces such as laminate, glass, metal or timber / wood. Maybe it’s a walk in robe getting a makeover or a kitchen. I hope to clear up any questions surrounding how wallpaper sticks and what it can stick to. While it’s fantastic to think outside the box with your interior designing we need to ensure the idea will work.

Any shiny surfaces such as laminate, metal or glass are not porous and so when wallpaper paste is applied it does not have anything to adhere to and can’t dry. Therefore the wallpaper will literally slide off!

If the surface is first primed with the appropriate sealer the wallpaper can then be applied over that. But if you want to skip this extra step altogether; a sticker style wallpaper will be the right product to use directly onto the laminate etc. Try Pickawall

Any timber or MDF surface is fine to apply wallpaper to but first must have a sealer coat. A water based undercoat is recommended in most cases. No oil based or gloss paint. If you have a dark wallpaper consider painting with a darker colour and vice versa for lighter colour wallpaper. Ensuring the surface is also sanded, filled and prepped as necessary to ensure a smooth finish for the wallpaper is important.

Wood veneers cannot be sanded as this would damage the surface. However when planning to use wallpaper on this type of surface they first have to be pre-treated, again by applying the correct primer before applying wallpaper.

If you ever unsure we are always here to answer any questions and are always available to send you a quote to complete your wallpapering project professionally.