3 things you can do to help our small business survive the economic fallout

  • 1) Write a review; this will help us get back on our feet quicker after the health crisis has passed. It will ensure that we are at the forefront right when we need to be. By telling others about your positive experiences with us it will help them make the decision to work with us also.
  • 2) Follow us on social media, like our pages and posts, let us know you’re out there supporting us through a tough time. We are on Facebook and Instagram has a huge library of stunning images that are all our own work to inspire you and take your mind to a beautiful place.
  • 3) If you are able; please still buy wallpaper even if you don’t install it now due to self isolating/quarantining. If its something you have been thinking of adding to your home or business and are able lets choose something wonderful for you! New modern wallpapers are being added to our online shop everyday. We have some beautiful quality wallpaper to choose from.