Wallpaper that lights up a room

Imagine a wallpaper with LED lights within it lighting up a room. What a feature wall that would be! Well sister duo Meystyle from the U.K. have invented just that.

A collection of wallpapers that shimmers lighting the room from the wallpaper itself. This innovative technology integrates wallpaper and lighting to create a stunning and unique wallpaper feature wall idea. 

Wallpaper with LED lights


LEDs create intricate light patterns on the walls that provide soft mood lighting in the dark and a dreamy focal point during the day.

OLEDs are organic material-based surface light sources. They are shaped as rectangular panels of light, can be dimmed and are easy to replace.

As well as the lights, crystals are applied by hand further reflecting light and creating the pattern.

Meystyle LED wallpaper

How does this work?

To use this wallpaper with LED lights all you need is a flat wall and a power point.

LEDs have an estimated operating life of 50 000 hours at 20mA, 25°C. This is equivalent to 5.7 years of constant use or 11.4 years with the LEDs on for 12 hrs per day.

Meystyle uses digital printing to transfer their designs on a variety of non-woven substrates suitable for wall covering. The LEDs are then incorporated by hand with a special technique that avoids adding any thickness to the material. It is then hung the same way as traditional wallpaper. 

To order this stunning wallpaper with LED light contact Meystyle directly for a quote on a design from a collection on their website. Then send us your wall size and we can send a quote to install this glamourous feature.

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