Timeless and homely popular wallpaper for life

In this popular wallpaper collection there are patterns for the whole family and every room in the home. Everyday Moments is created with love for nature & craftsmanship but also for the everyday aspects of life.

 You will find a rich variety of colours and surfaces. From soft, textile patterns to neat floral lines. As well as the timeless style of vintage wooden panels.

One of our popular wallpaper ranges is inspired by nature and the simple beauty we’re surrounded by every day. All you have to is take in the world around you and the satisfaction of textured surfaces.

This collection offers a rich variety of wallpapers where both the design and material stamp their mark on the room. Enveloping you in the comforting familiarity of textiles you are accustomed with such as timber and brick. Or the modest fern growing in the garden.

In this range of popular wallpaper you will find a vareity of styles including; squares, tweeds, florals, brick and wooden panels. They have a wonderful material feeling which give the walls extra character. They lend a textural backdrop to any room without it fighting to be the hero. This enables you to add interior decor pieces to the space withour fear of overpowering the eye.

The colour schemes range from dark to light with an emphasis on natural colours in muted shades. Creating a feeling like they have  naturally faded and aged over time.

Decorate your rooms in a lovely warm feeling and give those everyday moments a little something extra.

Borastapeter is a Swedish wallpaper brand that produces great quality wallpapers at a reasonable price.

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