Wallpaper Trends 2022

Is 2022 the year you will renovate or freshen up your interior design? Do you want to know from the experts what the wallpaper trends 2022 are? Have you always thought about wallpapering but not sure where to start? 

Wallpaper is such a personal style akin to choosing artwork. There are many choices and if you are not sure where to start it can be a bit overwhelming. Moving into this new year a good place to start would be looking at the upcoming wallpaper trends 2022 and what the top interior designers are doing for some inspiration on your wallpaper project.

Our top 3 picks for wallpaper trends 2022

We have selected 3 interior wallpaper fashions that will be either making a comeback in 2022 or here to stay for wallpapering in your home or business next year.

Keep reading to find out the must use colour of the year too.


If you are looking for a romantic and truly beautiful talking point wallpaper you can’t go past Chinoiserie.

As with most design trends which cycle around, Chinoisserie is having its turn to come back. With terms such as Granny-chic and Grandmillennial in your feeds and interior blogs, this style is totally in line with the trending look.

With the use of trailing florals, exotic birds and fantastical oriental scenes and landscapes, this is a unique way to add spirituality and glamour to your space.

What is Chinoiserie?

Chinoiserie is a European take on an Asian decorative style. It is characterized by the use of exotic Chinese motifs such as pagodas, dragons, trees and flora. In actual fact 16th Century traders bought back to Europe a blend of Chinese and Japanese ideas and termed them Indian! Thus creating a fusion of east meets west style.

What Chinoisserie wallpaper to use?

De Gourney is the most well known maker of Chinoisserie in world of wallpaper. These are truly stunning hand painted and hand stitched wallpapers.


Photo Credit De Gourney

Another beautiful design is a Designers Guild mural Assam Blossom. Designers Guild are also known for their beautiful florals.

This is a wondrous trailing expressive painterly blossom. It tumbles down towards an exquisite and detailed meadow of daisies.

Ask us about ordering this design now.

Wallpaper with animals

This wallpaper trend 2022 is fun and often a sense of humour are the intent behind wallpaper with animals and birds. Although it’s not silly and often very sophisticated this wallpaper style should be approached with aplomb and an unashamed love of the one you choose.

With the year or 2 we have left behind, loving the style in your home couldn’t be more important.

How to choose wallpaper with animals or birds

You may prefer a bold statement of cheeky monkeys climbing the walls, sultry tigers hiding behind palm leaves. Perhaps the Japanese cranes dancing is the subtle way you would choose to use this style. Or even softer; hummingbirds amongst flowers.

This style is very much about what wallpaper speaks to you. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking animals are just for a nursery as there are some very sophisticated grown up designs to choose too.

A wallpaper trend 2022 we predict to stick with us from last year is bold wallpaper in a toilet and this is often where you’ll find the bold animal wallpaper.

Art Deco

The beauty of Art Deco is it brings all the opulence of the 1920s to a 21st-century space. Art Deco is an elegant style that is all about making a big statement using clean lines and symmetry.

Think elegant sophistication in your approach to using this wallpaper style.

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco was all about moving away from the past and paving a new way for the future, culturally and aesthetically, which meant keeping some decorative elements but also giving them a sleeker, cosmopolitan twist. – Hadley Mendelsohn from House Beautiful

Geometric shapes, sleek design and black and gold are the main characteristics of the period.

Interior colour of the Year 2022

Hands down the 2022 colour of the year are muted sage greens.

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2022 has been unveiled as Evergreen Fog – a nourishing and calming grey-green.

Benjamin Moore chose October Mist which is a gentle shade of sage.

These greens are earthy and cool and great for calming our minds.  Think either a forest green or mint green which follows on logically from all the lockdowns if you think about it.  Many of us spent more of our time reconnecting with nature in the garden or walking outside. As well as after a tumultuous past year or two,  the need to bring that calm and nurturing vibe into our interiors is compelling.

The other fantastic thing about this grey green hue is it compliments a variety of other popular colours so well; from earthy terracottas and neutrals to bronze, golds and silvers.

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